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Howdy from the Block Party Bash

 by _debs_.
Jessie & Woody give a great big wave from high up on their float in Disney's Hollywood Studios Block Party Bash. The parade features more than 20 Pixar characters, acrobats and performers on trampolines......... 

The Block Party Bash Parade, originally uploaded by _debs_.
Mr Potato Head waving to fans quipping jokes as he toddles along the avenue.I've watched this parade from many locations and I haven't found a bad spot yet unless you're in the sun. The American Idol side of the street provides plenty of shade. The Block Party Bash - final performance was 1/1/2011.:(Pixar Pals Cavalcade will debut 1/16/2011. Featuring four additional characters : Remy and Emile from "Ratatouille", and Carl and Russell from "Up."


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