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Happy 70th Anniversary Dumbo!

Today we're focused on the magic of Disney's first baby...elephant, 
Dumbo and his 70th Anniversary release!
It's hard for me to believe Dumbo is celebrating it's 70th anniversary! Time has flown by! Dumbo was one of my favorite movies when I was a little girl. It left a lasting impression when I first saw it in the movie theater. So, I am very excited about the 70th anniversary edition being released by Disney in September. We don't have to wait till September to order! Recently Disney opened up pre-orders on Amazon! 

Source, Press release:

Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment invites audiences to let their spirits soar with the release of the beloved animated classic Dumbo, for the first time ever in high definition as a 70th Anniversary Edition, coming on September 20, 2011. The Academy Award®-winning (1942, Best Music, Scoring of a Musical Picture) favorite will take flight for the first time with a premium restoration in stunning Blu-ray™ high definition featuring pristine 7.1 Digital Theater System High-Def Surround Sound, allowing fans to see more, hear more, interact more and share more of this timeless adventure about believing in yourself.
Now for the movie trailer:

A few fun Dumbo facts:

  • It was released 10/23/41
  • The story is based on a children's book by Helen Aberson and illustrated by Harold Pearl.
  • It cost $813,000 to produce 
  • Running time is 64 minutes
  • Dumbo won the 1941 Academy Award for Original Music Score

Fun Dumbo activities and wallpapers from Disney Insider

Dumbo the Flying Elephant The original (paperback ) book $150.99

What are your thoughts on Dumbo and his family? Do you remember the first time you saw it?


  1. Oh yay! I don't have this one!

  2. Hard to believe Dumbo is 70.. we own it on DVD and I have to say - it's hard to watch.. It makes me so sad - that and Bambi.. they're so beautiful, but.. tear jerkers! Thanks for hopping along!

  3. Congratulations Dumbo!

    This brings back so many memories from my childhood...

  4. Such great Dumbo trivia!! It reminds me of the musical Dumbo stuffed animal that my son received when he was born. (How it still works, I do not know!!)

  5. What a creative post and a lot of fun trivia about Dumbo. I really should watch that movie again.

    Bookgirl @ My Magical Moments

  6. Thanks everyone for stopping by:D I really can't wait to see Dumbo again..except like Jenn..I cry:(
    It'll still be fun to see it all and cleaned up and in HD:)

  7. I saw Dumbo many years ago first time, I love the story Dumbo tells, that you can rise above. I love the hero story. It always made me cry when they separate him from his mother and everybody turns again him. But I love the end.

    Thanks Deb for this movie update.

  8. We're huge Dumbo fans here at my house! We'll definitely be adding it to our collection :)

  9. Gosh I didn't think this movie was THAT old! Isn't it amazing to still see so much love for Dumbo! :D


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