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The #Disney Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop: New Year's Retrospective

Happy New Year and welcome to The Disney Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop where each week we gather together and share our Disney vacation photos. Would you like to link up your #DisneySide pictures or hop around to all the blogs linked up? Look no further than the bottom of this post.
This week's theme is Retrospective
First we're having a look back at 2014 and then we'll enter the Way Back Machine and reflect on attractions like the Carousel of Progress which was my very first Disney attraction experienced at the 1964-65 World's Fair in New York then onto Epcot and the Odyssey Building. 

While relaxing in the air conditioning The Odyssey building in Epcot and enjoying a beverage I took the opportunity to browse and snap a few pictures of a display of memorabilia that was set up in the lobby. Fascinating stuff that took me right back to our first trips to Disney World.
Any of these props bring back memories?

Disney Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop ~  Retro

Time to link up your Wordless Wednesday....

But first, I would just like to wish you all a very Happy and Healthy New Year and thank you all so very much for sharing your Wednesday with us each week. Stuck in the middle of the work week Wednesday was always the hump day to get over. It is now truly my favorite blog day of the week getting to see your Disney Side and sharing the magic through your pictures.

For those who participated last week I am so sorry I wasn't able to visit your blogs. Right after I posted the hop on Tuesday night I had to rush my husband to the ER because he was having a stroke from a combination of the flu, dehydration from a fever and taking just 2 doses Nyquil. He's fully recovered now and thankfully we were able to bring him home on Christmas Day.

I hope your Christmas was magical!!
Wishing all the best in 2015!!
Happy New Year!!

Disney Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop Focused On The Magic




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