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Donald Duck's Birthday Blog Hop ~ Toys and Gifts!

Welcome to the Virtual Donald Duck Birthday Blog Hop Celebration!
Today is Donald Fauntleroy Duck’s birthday and he is turning 80. His birthday is officially recognized as June 9, 1934, the day he debuted in “The Wise Little Hen”, a Silly Symphony cartoon.

We thought it would be fun to all celebrate Donald's birthday with our blogging friends. I’ll be sharing Donald Duck themed toys and gift ideas for all ages. You can find links to the other party ideas at the end of this post.

Toys and Gift Ideas for a Donald Duck themed party

Donald Duck is one of the "Fab Five" classic characters, the most popular Disney characters of all time. You can read more about Donald Duck's history in an article I wrote here.
Donald Fauntleroy Duck’s birthday.,June 9, 1934,“The Wise Little Hen”, a Silly Symphony cartoon.

What makes him our families favorite is his irascible temper combined with his soft little heart.
We seek him out and track him down whenever we are in the parks or on a cruise for a meet and greet. Our favorite place to meet with him is at Cape May Cafe for the character breakfast.
 There is no age limit on the magic of Donald Duck!
Focused on the Magic, Donald Duck, Cape May Cafe

Shopping for unusual Donald Duck gifts is a favorite past time of mine. In the parks when I can slip away and do some shopping or at home I'm always on the lookout for Donald Duck themed gifts. They always bring a smile and most times a good laugh. The classic Walt Disney Treasures collection (listed below) has been entertaining us for years. 
Here are 8 great gift ideas that go beyond the traditional t-shirt or plush toy. How did I narrow it down? It wasn't easy and I may even continue to post all 80 (one for each year) in posts to come.
8 Great Gifts!
Donald Duck Toys and Gift Ideas Focused on the Magic

1 - "Sitting duck" Donald Duck Figurine by Arribas - Jeweled Mini Donald may be small in size but he's big on sparkles. Crafted by the renowned Arribas Brothers, this Jeweled Mini Donald Duck Figurine is enameled in metal and set with 51 dazzling Swarovski® crystals. | Disney Store | $40.00

2 - D-TECH iPhone covers can be found in the Parks, Downtown Disney or on Amazon. Perfect gift for a Donald Duck fan. DISNEY D-TECH iPHONE 5 DONALD DUCK CASE WITH FRONT GUARD | Amazon | Disney Store | $34.95

3 - Mugs always make fun gifts and the price is right. Oh, yeah? Mug Part of the I Love Mickey Collection. | Disney Store | $7.00

4 - For the Donald Duck fan who has everything! Donald Duck tissue box cover tissue case [Tokyo Disney Resort limited] by DisneyResort | Amazon | $62.52 & Free Shipping

5 - We have this in our collection. It quacks me up every time! Walt Disney Treasures - The Chronological Donald, Volume One (1934 - 1941) | Rated: G | Format: DVD | Amazon | $88.90

6 - Entertaining and educational! Donald in Mathmagic Land In Walt Disney's classic animated featurette, a curious Donald Duck ventures into a ''math-magical,'' wondrous land of discovery where trees have square roots and rivers are brimming with numbers! | Disney Store | $14.95

7 - Adorable Funko figure Sweet 'n' sour. Donald's looking all flustered and about to go quackers at being included in the Vinylmation Popcorns series. Funko POP Disney Series 3: Donald Duck Vinyl Figure | Amazon | $12.95 |Disney Store | $19.95

8 - Wherever you go, bring Donald Duck along in this large rolling suitcase. With its functional features like hard-shell case, telescopic handle and in-line wheels, you'll carry a quack on every trip! Donald Duck Stow-Away Luggage - 20'' | Disney Store | $149.00

Which gift would you like to give or receive?
I could go on and on with Donald Duck gift ideas. From books to bikes there are gifts for any age or gender!
Have a magical day!

Thanks for joining us as we celebrate Donald Duck's Birthday! Be sure to check out all the other blogs for great ideas on a Donald Duck Birthday Party!__
Donald Duck Birthday Blog Hop ~ Toys and Gift Ideas


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