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Our #DisneySide Party - Frozen Fun for all ages!

A few weeks ago I mentioned that we had been selected to host a #DisneySide @ Home Celebration and I shared with you our plans for the party. We held our party March 1st and it was fun! We combined the Mickey and Friends themed decorations that were provided with a Frozen themed look. We had fun shopping for the party supplies and preparing the food was a family affair.
This winter has been brutal here in NJ with snowstorm after snowstorm right up until the day of our party. The forecast was for 12-14 inches of snow. March sure was coming in like a lion! Needless to say we have had enough of winter! Our theme was "Let it Go! Let Go of Winter!" "Welcome Spring!".

Our #DisneySide Party - Frozen Fun for all ages!
(I received free products in order to host the Disney Side @Home Celebration.  The opinions expressed here are my own.)

Our party was a mixed group of adult couples and singles and two young children. This would be our time to share our Disney side with our friends and relatives. Many of whom we hadn't seen all winter.

Over the past month I had been gathering pins from blogs, sites like Babble and Spoonful onto my #DisneySide Celebration Pinterest board. The ideas I got were so cool and creative. I have to thank all the party planners who went before me with their parties. You truly were a fountain of inspiration in my plans. I was so excited to finally show my Disney Side!

Our #DisneySide Party - Frozen Foods

With adult beverages and snacks in hand we mingled and played "Who am I" which was a suggested activity on the Disney Side Celebrations website. I used Disney character stickers instead of sticky notes because I happen to have them handy. It was hysterical having everyone try to guess who they were! My husband entertained us with talking Olaf as the Masters of Ceremonies.

Our Disney Side Party - Frozen Fun activities for all ages!
As far as crafts I wanted to do something that didn't involve glitter, glue or paint for obvious reasons. It had to be easy enough for a child but fun for the child in all of us.
"Do you want to build a snowman?" craft was born.
I put together ziplock bags of snowman body parts. There were preztels for arms and hair, Craisins for buttons, M&Ms for eyes, Tic Tacs for a nose (couldn't find candy corn ) Twizzlers for a mouth and small and large marshmallows for body parts. All the pieces were edible and if they decided to eat a piece they could find more in a dish nearby. The kids dove in and started assembling immediately. The adults really got into making snowmen too. It was a blast seeing their creations!
Another craft was to make a snowflake out of a paper doilie. This was fun but the snowman building took over the craft table and was much more entertaining for all ages.
Our #DisneySide Party - Watermelon Mickey Heads

We prepared lots (too much) food and had lots for everyone to bring home. To save space here I'll describe the big hits which were all Disney inspired. The Mickey Mouse cookie cutters that came in the party kit were my favorite party supply. I used them to make melon shapes, cookies and cut out brownies. It seemed like the Watermelon Mickey Heads flew off the table. Seedless watermelons are not entirely seedless. They weren't perfect but still extremely refreshing and delicious. Next time I'll make more and leave plenty of time to remove extra seeds. I will also use wooden stick as the lollipop sticks get soggy sitting in ice. I used the ice to prop up the sticks and cool the melon. Eventually I moved the watermelon because it was dripping juice all over the table. If you ever try it, put a plate under to prevent drip messes on your table.  
Our #DisneySide Party - Mickey Head Brownies

The easiest and most popular snacks were the Mickey Head Brownies and the Minnie cupcakes. 
More Favorites:

  • Snowflake Pretzels
  • Kristoff's Trail Mix 
  • Frozen Snowballs 
  • Minnie Quiches 
  • Reindeer Wings

Everyone got a kick out of the Hidden Mickey Pepperoni Pizzas which were D-licious! Cocktails (Dirty Snowball Highballs), mocktails (Snowball Highballs), Ice & Frosty punch kept the party flowing. Each person had a runDisney bracelet with their name on it to use as a bottle band or bracelet.
As much as I planned every detail. I forgot things. I totally forgot to put up the streamers and balloons. I also had way too many activities planned. Which I guess is a good thing but we never got to do the photobooth, Bingo or Hunt For Olaf. I did capture some great candid shots of everyone with our Disney props. I will pick some keepers and print them out as a thank you for coming to my party and showing and sharing our Disney Sides.
Our #DisneySide Party - Hidden Mickey Pepperoni Pizza!

Looking back I think my favorite part of the party was when everyone spontaneously sang along to the Mickey Mouse Club theme song. Old and young alike, everyone joyously showed their Disney Side in song. Full of food and drink we then went on to watch both Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck cartoons. The afternoon went by way too quickly but it was a very cool Frozen party! Now we are ready for spring!

Thanks so much to Disney , American Tourister, HP, Ocean Spray and most of all Maria Bailey and the BSM Media team for providing the opportunity, magical products and support that made my Disney Side @ Home Celebration the success that it was.

(I received free products in order to host the Disney Side @Home Celebration. 
The opinions expressed here are my own.)


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