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Sunday in the Park

Silent Sunday at Focused on the Magic

Do you have pictures that *speak* for themselves that you would like to share?
I've been sharing mine off and on for awhile now and thought you might like to join in by linking up your Silent Sunday picture. I would love to see yours! 

It's just a fun creative challenge and a break from blogging articles. You may even gain some inspiration seeing picture posts.

Silent Sunday is different from our Disney Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop in that, there is no theme, no text with the picture. Just a photo.
There are just a few simple rules if you link up:
  • Link to one Disney related photo on your blog, Facebook, Flickr etc.
  • No words in the post just the picture. Let that one picture speak for itself.
  • The link must go directly to your Silent Sunday post. No link exchange posts or ads. 
  • You must own the picture. No "borrowing". 
  • Add the button to your post.There will be no words so this is the only way for people to find more Silent Sunday photos..
Focused On The Magic


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