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Ears of Steel: The Real Man’s Guide to Walt Disney World by Bart Scott

Ears of Steel: The Real Man’s Guide to Walt Disney World by Bart Scott
I just finished reading Ears of Steel by Bart Scott and I'm still laughing out loud. Intended for the reluctant male Disney traveler it is every bit as entertaining for woman. While the days of reading out loud to my sons has long past I couldn't help but read passages to them. Even my husband on a long car ride joined in the laughs as I shared parts of this unconventional Disney travel guide with him.
 “Slowly place the book in front of his sloping brow,” Scott advises in a prologue called “Hello, Ladies,” and “you’ll be on your way to the Orlando area before you can wish upon a star.” 

About Ears of Steel

Walt Disney World is for little kids, princesses, and dweebs, right? WRONG!
There’s more than enough at WDW to keep the two-fisted, thrill-seeking, hard-drinking, meat-eating he-man of the house happy as a caveman with a mammoth rib.

Bart Scott comes to the aid of moms and girlfriends everywhere with the only guidebook specifically designed to convince the football-watching, beer-swilling, couch potato they love that a trip to WDW will not only reduce the whining in the household and give them continued access to those special favors, but will actually be FUN for them.

Scott’s the real deal—a real guy, with big appetites, firm convictions, and a healthy disdain for pretentiousness in all its forms. He’s also big enough to admit that the toughest hombre’s heart melts a little when his own little princess falls under the spell of Disney magic.

Ears of Steel is an honest, straight-from-the-shoulder, and frequently hilarious look at everything in Walt Disney World that keeps real men coming back, with all the sissy stuff either glossed over or ignored entirely.

About Bart Scott

Ears of Steel: The Real Man’s Guide to Walt Disney World by Bart Scott
Bart Scott declared Walt Disney his hero at age seven and has been an avid student of all things Disney ever since. He is an ardent fan and will take on anyone who says the Disney parks are too this or not enough that.

Bart majored in theater for two years at a Baptist liberal-arts college before being ”invited” to leave. The details are hazy. He has held management positions in the banking and financial services industry. Today he is a freelance writer and blogger living in the Chicago area with his wife and three children who are being raised in a “Disney-heavy life.”
Aside from his love of adventuring through the Disney parks, Bart’s other piratical appetites include good rum, barbecued animal parts, and the occasional fine cigar. He is, in short, a real man. He is also the author of Balaam, a young adult novel inspired by the Bible story. He would like to do voiceovers for animation so the whole world can hear the voices in his head, too.

My thoughts

This is a must read for WDW fans! Men and woman alike will enjoy the good natured humor in this book. I've put it on my holiday shopping list. My favorite parts of Ears of Steel were in the Man Journal, but then each manly chapter had me laughing. Scott breaks down resort options by budget and details the pros and cons of the major resorts which will had me nodding in agreement. He writes of the restrooms (in hilarious detail) The Flower & Garden Festival, Epcot Pavilions, Hollywood Studios and Magic Kingdom. All while recommending the best foods, attractions and advice to the manliest of he-man men.
After reading Ears of Steel I want to see Bart Scott do a stand up act (I know he has no plans to do it) and hear the voice behind the book. 


Buy it

Ears of Steel: The Real Man's Guide to Walt Disney World (ISBN: 978-1-937011-34-5) is available starting today, November 16th in book stores nationwide, online bookstores and direct from the publisher, Intrepid Traveler.com

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Check it out! You can download a FREE preview here.


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