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Wordless Wednesday ~ Popular Pinterest Pins

Disney+Wordless+Wednesday+Blog+Hop Focused on the MagicWelcome to this week's edition of The Disney Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop here at Focused on the Magic.com where each week we gather with other Disney Bloggers to link up and share our Disney Wordless Wednesday or Almost Wordless Wednesday Disney related picture posts.

There is a theme each week that you can follow if you wish. This week's theme is Pinterest. The rules are very simple.

  • Post one or more of your most popular Pinterest pin picture (that you own) or a picture that you will be adding to one of your Pinterest boards today. 
  • Add a link to your Pinterest under the picture so that we may follow you.
  • While hopping be sure to follow everyone on Pinterest and leave comments.

If you don't have a Pinterest account this may be a good time to open one. 
If you need an invite I will be happy to invite you. Not interested in Pinterest? Not a problem, post a favorite picture from your last trip.
Pinterest is a lot fun and I've been spending quite a bit of time over there. It gives me inspiration for photography, scrapbooking, cooking, homekeeping Disney travel and gardening. All of my favorite things.
First up is Mary Poppins, 3rd most popular of my pins with 77 repins. This picture was from an article about the song made famous by Julie Andrews and written by the Sherman Brothers, you can read the article here
Mary Poppins Focused on the Magic
Deb's 'Words of Wisdom' Board

The delicious Tiramasu pictured here is the 2nd most popular of my picture pins on Pinterest with 100 repins. This yummy dessert can be seen in my dining review of Via Napoli, which you can read here.
Tiramasu, Via Napoli
Deb's 'Fabulous Disney Food' Board

The Dapper Dans, Magic Kingdom
Deb's 'Disney Parks News' Board
'The Dapper Dans' are the most popular pin on my Pinterest boards with 165 repins. They are in a post from the Magical Moments Monday Series which, if you'd like you can read here
Follow Me on Pinterest

Time to link up...

Please keep in mind you don't have to post along with the theme, but your picture post does have to be Disney related. This is a Disney WW Blog Hop after all!
  • No linky posts allowed (it would take away from the other bloggers linked up here) and a direct URL to the post.
  • Please leave a comment below after you link up and tell me what you think of the theme, my picture and whatever else is on your mind this week! I love to read your comments!
  • Help spread the word in the Disney Facebook and Twitter online community about your post and the hop. The great success of this hop is because you spread the pixie dust with your efforts each week!       Thank you!

Focused On The Magic




  1. I've started being active on Pinterest again (2 weeks ago) after not logging on for months. I forgot how much fun it was and I'm learning again. These are such lovely pictures and I can understand why the Dapper Dans are so popular. Love the vibrant colors of the photos.

  2. I use Pinterest in bursts - spend a lot of time on it for a few days and then forget about it again - definitely need to be more consistent! I LOVE this bright and cheery photo of the Dapper Dans but I LOVE Mary Poppins even more - I can remember watching that movie when I was a little girl and she ranked right up there with Cinderella for me! :)

  3. What a great Dapper Dan shot! I'm a reluctant Pinterest user- I'm afraid I'll get sucked in. I've seen it happen to a few coworkers... :)

  4. Fabulous photos! I love the food, it looks delicious :)

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. These are anazing photos, no wonder they.are so popular on Pinterest. I will be following your boards there shortly. Thanks for the magic each week :)

  7. I'm a pretty casual Pinterest user but I do love how it creates a visual journal of what I've been doing and interested in! Great topic :)

  8. Oooo....yum! I need to start a Disney Food board. I can't wait to find all the Disney blog-hoppers on Pinterest. :o)

  9. Love that Dapper Dans shot!! Recognize some of them from when my niece said the Pledge of Allegiance when my gpa was Veteran of the Day. They were so sweet to her!!
    Great blog hop this week!! Now I've got new boards to follow!

  10. Love being able to connect with everyone from here on Pinterest. Thanks for the magic each week :)

  11. Again, I so love this week's slant Deb!!!

  12. Great pics, I can see why they are so popular. Love them ;-)


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