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Disney Living Winter Wish Pinterest Giveaway!

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To celebrate the magic of the holiday season through the New Year, the frostiest month of the year, Disney Living has launched its first ever Pinterest sweepstakes called 

If you dream it, you can pin it. 

This fun giveaway is for veteran pinners or newbies, the contest asks entrants to create a personal board of Disney-inspired dream products 
from D-Signed fashion apparel to Disney Baby essentials, and an assortment of the season's top Disney toys, including My Magical Wand Cinderella, Bounce Bounce Tigger and Wreck-It Ralph Talking Figures.

Spectacular prizes!
Themed Prize Pack giveaways are awarded once a week for seven weeks totaling $4,000. A new sweepstakes week begins every Monday, ending January 27, 2013. 
The prize themes are now live and include Disney Adventure, Tween, Marvel, Disney Princess, Disney Baby, Fashionista, and Disney Channel and Games. The final weeks' exciting Grand Prize includes Theo Kalomirakis for Walt Disney Signature Toccata Credenza (pictured below), Walt Disney Signature Neverland Collection Minka Lamp, and Walt Disney Classics Mickey and Minnie Mouse artwork.
20" Swampy Plush Prize #DisneyWishList#DisneyWishList Winnie the Pooh Heirloom Quilt
Toccata Credenza #DisneyWishList
Grand Prize: Toccata Credenza
Here's how to enter:
  • Follow Disney Living on Pinterest at www.Pinterest.com/DisneyLiving 
  • Create a personal Pinterest board titled “My Disney Living Winter Wish List” with the hashtag #DisneyWishList in the description. Re-pin at least five items from the Disney Living Winter Wish List boards. 
  • Once you have completed your board submit it to Disney Living’s Facebook tab. Disney Living Pinterest followers can enter once per day. One Prize Pack will be given away each week.



  1. Thanks Deb! I made my pinterest board and am ready to start pinning! :)

  2. You know me - I love all-things-Disney! I would dearly love to win that credenza! I made a pinterest board and pinned my favorites. www.heidi-strawser.com

  3. Thanks for sharing this Deb! Here's my board if you wanna see the things I like :) http://pinterest.com/jodiwhisenhunt/my-disney-living-winter-wish-list/

  4. Wow! The credenza is amazing!!! I want!!!

  5. I know, I want it too. I want the artwork too!! Did you set up a Pinterest board for your blog, Without a Care in the World? You can do that now.

  6. You're welcome Jodi, I have the Disney Cinderella Collection - So This Is Love Eau de Parfum on my #DisneyWishList Pinterest board too! Good Luck, I hope you win!

  7. I do too! All the prizes are awesome and this goes till January 27th and you can enter every day so there's plenty of chances of winning! Good Luck!!

  8. Yay Beth! Happy #DisneyWishList pinning and good luck!!

  9. MouseFanDiane1:32 PM

    I really love the credenza too, it's beautiful. My board on pinterest is up too.


    thanks, Deb ;-)

  10. DisneyDonnaKay3:01 PM

    Great give away Deb!! My board is started and I will pin more tonight. http://www.disneydonnakay.com/

  11. Yay Donna! I'll have to go see your #DisneyWishList ! Don't forget to enter every day! Good Luck & Happy Pinning!!

  12. I want to win the Mickey credenza too! Must go see your #DisneyWishList board. Happy Pinning & Good Luck!

  13. On my "to-do" list now. Thanks!!


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