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Guest Star Day ~ Without a Care in the World

It's Guest Star Day here at Focused on the Magic. Grab a cuppa and get comfy while we chat with my dear Disney friend of many years, Lucinda. Among her many talents Lucinda is an accomplished photographer, homeschooling mom and creator of  Without a Care in the World
Focused on the Magic Guest Star Day

Welcome Lucinda! It's so good of you to join us today! Thanks for agreeing to answer all my (tedious) questions and for sharing a bit about yourself with us. I really appreciate it! 

Without further adieu, here's a special video message from Lucinda aka Dizzneemomma our Guest Star.

Where did your love of Disney come from?
Disney surrounded me growing up. I remember watching Walt Disney on television each Sunday evening with my parents and my sisters. As a family, we saw the latest Disney movies at the drive-in and we attended Disney on Parade ice shows in a nearby city. We had Disney toys, books and records and they were the best...the most fun. Disney touched my life at a young age and never let go.

Why did you start your Disney fan blog?
I started blogging about Disney in 2007 because I wanted to share my photos and experiences from Walt Disney World vacations with virtual friends on Disney fan forums. I was inspired by reading trip reports of others and wanted to keep a record of my own magical experiences.

What is your favorite park attraction and why?
I'll always love the Haunted Mansion and it's still at the top of my list, but my current favorite has to be Soarin'. It's a ride my whole family enjoys and it never fails to make me laugh, smile and cry. It's an emotional event and a treat for all senses.

What’s your favorite park?
While we tend to hang out more at Epcot and the Magic Kingdom, I love all four theme parks, the water parks and Downtown Disney. It wouldn't be the same World without all of them.

What’s in your Disney camera bag? What do you shoot with?
I usually carry my camera around my neck, but I keep a spare battery, a lens brush and a couple extra lenses in my camera bag. I'm currently shooting with a Canon T1i dSLR but seriously consider getting a nice new point-and-shoot. Biggest reason for this is that I want to have all the lens options without actually having to change lenses and carry them around.

What’s your favorite photo spot?
I don't have a favorite. I love to shoot it all. I prefer candid shots over those that are posed.

Are you a park early bird or a night owl?
I fantasize about hitting a park early, but in all my years of Disney travel I have never made one single rope drop. I'm definitely a night owl.

If you could dine with an Imagineer who would you choose, where would you like to dine and what would you ask them?
I've never really thought about it. I don't know.

What is your favorite Disney dining location?
Maybe Boma's...or T-Rex. I'm a food fan in general, and really like most all of the restaurants at Walt Disney World.
Disney Moms Panel Luncheon, Focused on the Magic

Dole Whip or Mickey Bar?
I don't usually bother with either. I'd rather have a nice warm bag of cinnamon roasted almonds, a box of popcorn...or a chocolate covered frozen banana.

Who is your favorite Disney face character and fur character?
Stitch, Minnie, Mickey, Donald, Goofy...oh dear. I don't think I have a favorite. I do tend to like the fur characters more than the face characters though.

What is your favorite resort on property?
Hands down...the Polynesian resort is my favorite. I get the warm-and-fuzzies every time I step on property. We go there often now. I love to grab a coffee and sit on the beach with it while the kids play in the sand. Nice to look over and see Cinderella's Castle and Space Mountain so nearby.

If you could work for the Walt Disney Company, what would be your dream job?
I'm not exactly sure, but I do need to get this figured out right away. I hope to audition soon!

Do you collect anything Disney, and if so, what?
I collect everything Disney and am especially attracted to the vintage park memorabilia. I have numerous items that are dear to me. In fact, I have so many Disney treasures that I was asked to loan my collection to a local museum. My items were the focal point of the entire exhibit and filled a 40' x 7' display case.

What is your favorite Disney park memory?
I really have too many to pick just one. I could fill a small book with them. I have more than one hundred park visits to look back on, over the last forty years. And now that I live in Cinderella's backyard, I'm making more and more Walt Disney World memories each day.

What is your favorite Disney movie?
Again...too many to pick just one. Meet the Robinsons, The Incredibles, Brave, Ratatouille, Mulan, Peter Pan are some of the titles at the top of my list.

What’s your favorite Disney song?
“Go the Distance” – Hercules, “I Wan'na Be Like You” – Jungle Book, “I'll Make a Man out of You” – Mulan, “Nobody Else but You” – A Goofy Movie, “You'll be in My Heart” – name a few.

What is your favorite Disney book?
Part of my huge Disneyana collection is a large number of books. I love them all. Large hard cover books with lots of beautiful photographs, smaller children's story books, and vintage magazines.

If you could ask Walt Disney one question, what would it be?
I would be awestruck. I couldn't ask one question, I'd just sit and listen to everything he had to say.

Do you have a special talent (play an instrument, cook, garden, scrapbook, paint, photography) you would like to share with us?
I don't feel especially talented at anything, but I do think I'm a pretty decent cook and gardener. I am currently experimenting with vegetable gardening in Zone 9.I also love photography, but again, not especially talented. It's something I enjoy doing and love learning about.

Without a Care in the World

Let’s hear about your blog. Do you have a niche or specialty?
My niche or specialty? My blog is a selfish blog. I write and share only things I really care about, but they are always Disney related. My focus is presently on photography, reviews, party ideas and crafts but is not contained to this. The focus will evolve with my changing interests and lifestyle.

What is it that inspires you to write about Disney?
I have always been inclined to write. I communicate best through written word and I enjoy it. I write about Disney because that's how I I live.

Lucinda shared her favorite blog post with us, check it out ~ Why I Love Disney

Without a Care in the World

Lucinda is a newly transplanted, Florida resident. She resides very near the Walt Disney World theme parks and enjoys her new life amid the magic very much.


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  1. DisneyDonnaKay8:26 AM

    Another great post Deb & Lucinda!! Love the video you added too!!

  2. Why is this so hard? I'm wincing as I read this. It was great fun though...and I'm so glad you enticed me outside of my comfort zone, Deb. Thank you!

  3. Absolutely loved this - what a great idea! I really enjoyed getting to see Lucinda again!

  4. Thanks for another great friend introduction! I was already following Lucinda on FB - now I am on Twitter and Pinterest as well. I'm beyond envious of the move to FL!

  5. You are fabulous and a star every day! I loved interviewing you! I'm so happy everyone is getting to know you more!

  6. DIStherapy9:37 AM

    Hooray for Lucinda; video and all!!! xo

  7. See you again for-real in a few months, Janice!

  8. Found you on twitter and pinterest as well!


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