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The Magic Skyway, NY World's Fair

Last week while I was in Disney World enjoying the Carousel of Progress I started reminiscing about the other attractions that WED created for the 1964/65 New York World's Fair. When I got home I did a little research and that led to today's trivia fact. 

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Walt Disney (left) and Henry Ford II, chairman of the board, Ford Motor Company, inspect a scale model of the Ford Pavilion. A major highlight of the entertainment and show will be an exciting automobile trip through a fantasy of the past, present and future.
Did you know that Walt Disney not only created Ford's Magic Skyway attraction for the NY World's Fair but that he narrated a portion of the ride? I don't actually remember hearing his voice. I think I was probably in awe of the whole experience at the time. The Magic Skyway was amazing and very popular. There were always long lines as it was one of the most popular pavilions at the fair.

I'll try to describe the attraction but mind you it was a long time ago. Guests would be seated in Ford convertibles as they traveled into plastic tunnels and then around the outside of the rotunda for a panoramic view of the fair before entering the attraction and a trip back in time. The cars moved through scenes featuring life-sized audio-animatronic dinosaurs and cavemen. After the fair the dinosaurs from Ford's Magic Skyway became the Disneyland Railroad Primeval World diorama, and the motorized tires embedded in the track inspired Disneyland's PeopleMover, and later the Tomorrowland Transit Authority at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom.  As you moved through the life like scenes you would hear the narrator speak through the car's radio. The narration, voiced by Royal Dano was available in several languages that you could select by pushing buttons on the car radio.

Now, to the trivia part. Toward the end of the ride you would hear the familiar voice of Walt Disney:
Our Space City is a distant dream. But all such dreams must begin in the minds of men. Men like the scientists, engineers and automotive designers of Ford Motor Company.I hope you enjoyed our show and your ride on The Magic Skyway in a new Ford product as much as I've enjoyed the Fords I have driven through the years.Now step out and see a world where tomorrow is being created today. 

Stop by this site: a great source of information and pictures from the New York 64/65 World's Fair.

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  1. That's great information! Where did you dig up all those photos? Very cool to see history :) Thanks for linking up, Deb!

  2. Aren't they fabulous? The NY 64/65 World's Fair site is full of interesting pictures and facts.

  3. JenniferLissak2:14 PM

    Thanks for researching, sharing, and linking up!

  4. Great information, Debra! Thanks for sharing, it looks like this might be the place where Walt came up with the idea for the old Skyway attraction at WDW and Disneyland!

  5. Yes, I think so Mike. I sure miss the Skyway in WDW:)

  6. TOSHeidi9:23 AM

    Oh my goodness, Deb, how interesting! My mom was at that World's Fair. I'll have to ask her if she remembers this attraction.


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