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Destination Disney ~ The Color "Orange"

There's one thing we enjoy doing around the Focused on the Magic blog and that's fun and games with our Disney travel photos. 
Today we're searching for a color. We are in search of the color "Orange" in our Disney travel pictures.
Let's see what's orange...

Sometimes the castle and fireworks are orange during Wishes.

The Imagination Building in Epcot.

The Little Orange Bird
 I'm a proud member of the Orange Magical Blogorail.
 Fabulous Streetmosphere performer's fan and costume.
 Timon in Animal Kingdom
 Butterfly and flowers at The Flower & Garden Festival.
 Simba at The Flower & Garden Festival
 My Disneyland Rose in the garden
 Ariel's hair
 Dancing Fountain in Epcot
 Backwards Fountain in Epcot
 Pumpkin decorations

Orange fire

There's orange on the Imagination Building
Osbourne Lights
Orange spectrum Mickey Waffles
My  favorite orange shirt modeled here with Steve Barrett, Deb Wills and Barrie Brewer.

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  1. That first shot - of the fireworks - is one of the most beautiful pictures of Wishes that I have ever seen! Perfect! I got a Disneyland Rose for my birthday and it is just so lovely! Just makes me smile when I look at it!

  2. Filmic Light12:44 PM

    That's quite a variety of orange. Nice pics. Would like to have that Simba topiary in my garden.

  3. Once again, your photos are more "orange" than real life! I don't think I've ever seen the backwards fountain look so beautiful-


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