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Mickey’s Mailbag: Mesmerized by Mickey and Minnie

This week is the second in a series of feature stories on Disney Parks InsidEARS called “Mickey’s Mailbag,” where our Community Manager, CM_Marissa shares some of the stories and experiences told by Guests. As CM_Marissa points out to us in her post, 
Sometimes Mickey receives letters about specific Cast Members or memories of individual vacations. Sometimes, Mickey might even receive a crayon drawing of himself or of the family who visited. These stories and thoughts come straight from the hearts of Guests of all ages, and we thought you might enjoy reading some from time to time.

In today’s Mickey’s Mailbag, we are reprinting an excerpt from our Cast Member newspaper, “Eyes and Ears.” Jay, one of the writers for “Eyes and Ears,” tells the story of a Guest overcome with emotion after a little pixie dust led to a very special meeting with Mickey and Minnie.
“An Unforgettable Encounter”

Just ask Jean, who found herself overwhelmed with emotion after a Cast Member treated her to a surprise visit with Mickey.
Jean seemed so thunderstruck by the effect the visit had on her that, in her letter of thanks, she wanted folks to know that she is neither a wide-eyed youngster nor related to any Cast Member.
It all began when she traveled from Houston to have some fun with a friend at the Walt Disney World Resort. The two were enjoying Magic Kingdom Park and decided they’d like to visit Mickey Mouse. Unfortunately, they had not planned it beforehand and didn’t know where to find the Big Cheese.
So, as Jean explained: “I stopped a nicely dressed young man – obviously an employee – and asked him where we might find Mickey to get a picture of him. He politely told us … we could see him in the production at the theater across the street.”
Jean and her friend were uncertain what to do next, but they were enjoying their conversation, so they continued chatting with the Cast Member, who turned out to be Paul, an Entertainment manager.
“We visited for a few moments (he was so nice), and then he asked us to follow him across the street. In a matter of minutes we were standing backstage with Mickey and Minnie!”
They were elated. But what happened next amazed her even more. Seeing those beloved characters touched off a flood of warm memories that took her back to a childhood long ago. She started to cry.
“Amidst the tears, smiles, laughter and pure joy, … my friend and I relived those hundreds of hours we sat in front of the TV devotedly watching ‘The Mickey Mouse Club.’ Suddenly, due to [Paul’s] kindness, 63 years of fears, frustrations, sorrows and disappointments evaporated. We were little children again, experiencing the Disney magic in the most personal way.
“There are not enough ways to say thank you to [Paul] for his selfless gesture to us … he made our visit to Magic Kingdom [Park] truly unforgettable.

Wasn't that a magical moment? I would like to thank CM_Marissa our Disney Parks InsidEARS Community Manager for allowing me to share this article from  "Mickey's Mailbag" with you!!

Have a Magical Day!  
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