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Three Hours Alone in Disney World

The Dapper Dans
This month's topic is What would I do with three hours alone in Walt Disney World. Let me start off by making one thing perfectly clear, I love my family time in the parks. But, I have a passion for photography and when I'm in the parks touring with the family I'm always trying to catch up with them because I'm stopping to take pictures. That's why every opportunity I get I'll grab my camera and set off on solo photo journeys. 

I love shooting the parks at night but since I only have three hours for this task, I'd start at 8:00 am when the lighting is just right.
Each one of the parks holds a photographic fascination for me. 

For my three hour photo shoot I'd head straight to The Magic Kingdom starting at the foot of Main Street, USA where the curtains open up to Main Street, USA. I love capturing the progression in time and how it evolves as you approach the the castle.

I'd concentrate on the details in the turn of the century architecture, with windows and facades, enjoying the music of the Dapper Dans and smells from the bakery. Of course I'd stop for a cinnamon roll and coffee at the Bakery, who could resist?
I'd enjoy shooting all the CMs in action doing their part to make magical moments for guests.
Roy Disney and Minnie Statue in the Magic Kingdom

I'd take it slowly, no rushing to rides during my three hours. This would be my time to capture and appreciate not only the storytelling but the story tellers.
There would time for rides of course. POTC would be my first with Carousel of Progress as my last. There would time for shopping too, there's never enough time for that when I'm with the boys. A Dole Whip and shows would make me smile as well!
The Partners Statue

Each one of the lands has it's own photo story to be told so I'd head over and wander through snapping all the way. No matter how many times I've captured the Lands, the stories change for me. Spring, Summer, Christmas it's always different. The decorations and lighting at different times keep me enthralled. 

 Lighting is critical for any photo shoot and as the sun climbs higher in the sky I'm reminded that my three hours are almost over. Time to head to the Castle Court Stage Show.

What a way to end my three hours alone in Disney World! But wait I still have time for tea at the Grand Floridian or a relaxing massage at the spa...
High tea at The Grand Floridian

Hope you have a pixie dusted day !

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  1. I like this idea of photo shoots. I usually take 1,000+ pictures every visit, but they never seem enough (or maybe not the right ones) and we're rushing around from place to place. Taking a few hours on my own would be a great way to add detail to my collections.

  2. Bruce, thanks for reading & commenting on my article. It sounds like a photo shoot in the parks should be in your touring plans for next time. 

  3. DisneyDonnaKay8:34 PM

    Deb I love your photography!!  I would love to be able to take my time to photograph everything without the rushing to get to the next ride or the family saying "Hurry up!"  Great plans!! 


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