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8 Great Walt Disney World Snacks

One of my favorite park pastimes is snacking. I have enjoyed delicious Walt Disney World snack offerings in just about all the resorts and definitely all of the parks.
It’s become a special treat for me, that is best enjoyed after I’ve spent hours touring the parks and need a quiet break or just watch a parade. 
8 Great Walt Disney World Snacks

I haven’t as yet planned my days around snacking, except when I’ve met with fellow Disney fans for a Dole Whip meet. 
With so many tasty delights to choose from I thought it best to limit myself to my absolutely couldn’t tour without it, best of the best.

#8 The American Dream - Layers of frozen strawberry, vanilla ice-cream and frozen blue raspberry heaven. This frozen concoction of ice cream goodness can be found appropriately, at the kiosk in front The American Adventure in Epcot’s World Showcase. On a hot day this is sure to cause brain freeze if enjoyed too quickly, so take it over to lake and enjoy a gentle breeze in the shade. $3.99 or 1 DDP snack credit.

#7 Mickey Rice Krispie Treats -- found in a variety of sizes, my boys always enjoyed the jumbo size as pictured here. I would go for the chocolate covered if I had a choice:) The smaller ones are 1 DDP snack credit and travel well. I usually stock up at the end of the trip to bring home as fun reminders of Disney.

#6 Carrot Cake Cookie – This is my favorite treat at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and one I’ve written about glowingly here. You can find it at either the Writer’s Stop or Sweet Spells. The Carrot Cake Cookie is perfect with a Writer’s Stop fresh brewed cup of coffee. 

#5 Zebra Domes – These little tasty sponge cakes filled with Kahlua Liqueur and espresso coffee, dipped in milk chocolate have become a huge favorite with Disney fans and for good reason. I can’t visit Boma or Mara without tasting a few. This is one snack I might consider worth making a special trip to Animal Kingdom Lodge for. They can be found as a dessert item at Boma, or a snack item at Mara in Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge.

#4 Black & White Ice Cream Soda - This classic soda fountain favorite from the 40’s can be gotten at Seashore Sweets on the Boardwalk in front of Disney’s Boardwalk Inn Resort or at Beaches & Cream at the Beach Club resort. It’s a delicious combination of chocolate syrup and vanilla ice cream. Seashore Sweets serves hand dipped Edy’s Ice Cream in single, double and ice cream sodas. Seashore Sweets also specialize in old fashioned candies, salt water taffy, fudge and other “Confections served with Affection.”

#3 Mickey's Ice Cream Sandwich - I love both the Mickey's Ice Cream Sandwich and the Mickey's Ice Cream Bar but the sandwich came out ahead as I think it's a little easier to eat in the Florida heat. I'm always racing to eat the bar before it melts and drips. The sandwich can be savored and enjoyed while watching a parade or just hanging out by the Swan boat landing. 
I usually eat the ears first. How do you eat yours?

#2 M&M Chocolate Covered Apple- This mouth watering little candy coated M&M treat was found in the German Pavilion and quickly devoured by my son before I got a chance to take a snap of him eating it. On second thought his chocolate covered face wouldn't have been a very pretty picture. They are also offered at Goofy's Candy Kitchen located in Downtown Disney.
Goofy's Candy Kitchen is snack central for us when we're in Disney World. My sons spend their snack credits getting all kinds of goodies. We also enjoy watching as the CMs prepare delectable treats in the open kitchen. If you hang around long enough (as we often do) while they're making fudge you may get to sample it. Yum, fresh peanut butter fudge is divine!!

#1 Dole Whip - This soft serve delight is at the top of my favorite list and a snack I've written about often. You can read my posts here and here. It's one snack I’ve never tasted outside of the parks which makes even more special for me. They have a healthy dose of vitamin C, they're fat free, cholesterol free, lactose free and only 80 calories for a 1/2 cup serving. Not a lot of calories for a dessert. Walking around the park would burn a Dole Whip off pretty quickly.  Dole Whips can be found in The Magic Kingdom’s Aloha Isle, or Captain Cook’s at the Polynesian Resort. Captain Cook’s offers a self serve Dole Whip in pineapple or vanilla. At the Aloha Isle, you can get the famous pineapple flavor or vanilla or orange flavors. They’re served straight up in a cup or as a float. I prefer the cup whereas the rest of my family enjoys floats. Except Paul, who dislikes Dole Whips. Hard for me to believe but that's a whole other post!

Last but not least and not counted in my 8 GREAT snacks but is an old fave -- the Citrus Swirl which is officially back at the Magic Kingdom's Sunshine Tree Terrace. I can't wait to experience it once again!

There you have it, 8 GREAT Disney snacks. I could go on all day about Disney snacks. 

What's your favorite snack?

Hope you are having a magical day!
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