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Destination Disney ~ The Color "Red"

I had to laugh when I saw that this week's theme is the color "Red". Our Disney Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop theme this week was the letter "A". It's all just a Sesame Street co-inkydink really, but now I have the theme song stuck in my head ...
Here we go. This week's DD brought to you by the color "Red".

What's your favorite Disney color?

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  1. No matter how many times I see that picture of Snow White, I still smile every single time!  Love it!  Thanks so much for playing along this week.  I could go for whatever that slushy drink is RIGHT NOW!

  2. MouseFanDiane11:09 AM

    Beautiful reds in all these pics, Deb..

  3. MapleMouseMama9:35 AM

    Love the Minnie topiary!  I posted my contribution to "Disney in Red", but when I think Disney it usually brings up a lot of "blue" memories and not the bad kind either, LOL.



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