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Destination Disney: My Favorite Disney Characters

It's time for another Disney meme. The topic this week is our 
Top 9 Disney Characters
It was tough narrowing my selection down to just 9 from all the Disney legendary characters. I have so many favorites from Disney TV, movies, parks and books that I needed to break it down. Oh the decisions! 

After much thought, (think Pooh and his thoughtful spot) I decided I better stick with just characters I've met and interacted with in Walt Disney World. Some meet and greets are just that, you meet the character get their autograph take your picture and go. Other characters really connect and interact with guests making the experience even more magical.
Also, putting a number on it was a challenge. I finally had to go with 10 instead of just 9, consider it a Disney 9 "plus". You know how Disney always "pluses" everything.

Here we have my top 9+ Disney Characters in no particular order:

Mickey :The leader of the gang, the main mouse and my absolute favorite of all time. Since I was a wee one watching The Mickey Mouse Club and The Wonderful World of Disney and now seeing him the parks, it's a huge thrill!

Pluto: Love seeing Pluto and having fun with him. I love that his tongue hangs down so long and low that it sometimes blocks your face.

Daisy: Dear Daisy is so sweet and I love that her character is unabashedly a shopaholic! She's may be pint sized but she's a great hugger.

Chewbacca: The gentle giant is a must see and tease with whenever we can.

Goofy Whenever I meet up with him in the parks or at a character meal he always brings a smile to my face. His kidding around with my teen age sons makes for some special magical moments! 

Captain Hook:What fun it is too meet with him in the parks. He really likes to get rowdy. Hang onto you autograph pens, he loves to play tricks!

Darth Vadar: We have waited on line during Star Wars Weekends for what seemed like light years to get his autograph and each time it's been so worth it. He kids around and really seems to enjoy the interaction, as much as a dark character can;)

Minnie: Mickey's gal pal is so sweet to interact with, especially at character meals. Like this one at Cape May Cafe

Snow White: Fairest of them all. She's a must find and meet with in the parks each trip. Seeing Prince Charming is a plus!
Donald My dear hubblies favorite character and  one of my top faves. 

There was a time when we spent the day trying to track Donald down in WDW. Fortunately he's gained the notoriety he deserves and can be found at many meet and greets. 
It's always a kick to see him at Cape May Breakfast Buffet at The Beach Club.

So, there you have it, my favorite Disney characters. Do you have a favorite character that you look forward to meeting in the parks? 

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Have a Disney Day!  


  1. I agree with your hubby!  Donald deserves recognition!  ;-)  Great list!  New follower from Destination Disney.

  2. What a great list!  As always, I love your pictures!  Thanks for playing along this week.

  3. Love your list! I hope I get to meet Chewbacca at Star Wars weekends. That would be so cool!

  4. What a great list.

  5. Great list! And, we love Donald!

  6. Donald is the best. Great list and pictures!  I didn't think of the Star Wars characters when I was making my list.  I would have added R2D2 (my son's favorite).

  7. Darth Vadar and Captain Hook are great additions that I didn't even think about on my list!


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