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Photo Flashback: Disney Friends

Focused on the Magic Flashback Friday LogoIt's Photo Flashback Friday! Time to once again enter the Wayback Machine and have another look at our old Disney photos.
Today's flashback photos may contain some familiar faces for you. These pictures were taken during a 2010 AllEars meet in Epcot. At same the time The Flower & Garden Festival was happening and everywhere you looked there were beautiful displays of flowers. Two of my faves, flowers and friends!! 
L-R: Barrie Brewer, Deb Wills, Deb (moi), & Steve Barrett posing while Disney Friend John (of Tagrel fame) snapped this picture.
I love connecting with Disney Friends. I just wish I could do it more often. It was so very good to see Disney friend Deb from We had fun reminiscing about the early days of RADP, a Usenet newsgroup that was the online meeting place of Disney fans in the early 90's, and catching up on all the new things happening in our lives. Barrie & I chatted about photography, of course. Check out her pictures and advice column sometime, they are amazing!!
For lunch we headed over to Morocco to grab a bite and made a special Hidden Mickey just for Steve, the HiddenMickeyGuy ºoº What a magical meet!!

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  1. How fun!  I too would love to one of these days meet up with some of my Disney friends!  Plus, Flower and Garden Festival is one of my favorite times of year to visit Epcot. 

  2. The AllEars team is such a great group of Disney fans to meet up with! It was so hot that day!! I look awful but it brings back happy memories whenever I see it:)

  3. M & M 'Tree10:48 AM

    I've missed Sarah's Magical Days with the Mouse and her Flashback Fridays - I'm so glad you are doing this so I can start up again!  Hope it's ok to join in since I don't have an all Disney blog!

  4. Rosanne Mottola11:08 AM

    You guys look like you are having so much fun! And I love the not so hidden Mickey :)

  5. M & M 'Tree11:27 AM

    I'm sorry if I left a link to my blog twice - I am having internet troubles today!

  6. Alyssa Ray1:12 PM

    Such great memories! Thanks for sharing them and for hosting this hop! :)

  7. Lol, it was fun to honor @HiddenMickeyGuy with a big not so Hidden Mickey:)

  8. That's ok, I didn't see it twice. Internet has been flooey for me this week.

  9. You are very welcome, I love your post! Everyone DL fan who knew Ernie should read it!

  10. MouseFanDiane3:16 PM

    Very cool pics Deb, thanks for hosting and I love the Hidden Mickey Table 

  11. MouseFanDiane3:16 PM

     me too Beth


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