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The Lion King 3D LOL Bloopers & Outtakes

The Lion King 3D is set to be released in theaters on Sept. 16, 2011. The trend of releasing Disney classics in 3D is wonderful and I hope they will continue. I'd love to see SnowWhite and Alice In Wonderland in the theaters and in 3D. 

I just had to share this LOL "Bloopers and Outtakes Reel" featuring the beloved Lion King characters. I can't decide which of these blooper bits is funnier but I think Rafiki dropping Simba takes the scene to a new level! It's hysterical! 

A few Lion King Wikipedia Factoids:
  • Walt Disney Pictures released The Lion King to theaters on June 15, 1994. 
  •  It was the 32nd film in the Walt Disney Animated Classics. 
  • The Lion King won two Academy Awards for its achievement in music 

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What Disney classic would like to see in theaters and in 3D?


  1. lol!!! The two with Rafiki were hilarious!! I'll be taking my daughter with her cousin. Can't to see her reaction of watching it on the big screen since she's used to seeing at home on DVD. One movie I'd love for them to bring to the big screen is Peter Pan!

  2. Hi P.T.
    Oh! Peter Pan would be so good in 3D!


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