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Flashback Friday ~ MGM Studios 1991

It's time for Flashback Friday! Time to focus on our favorite Disney memories from the past. This week we discovered (unearthed) an old photo from The Disney-MGM Studios circa 1991.

We had fun posing in this scene. Back then there were no PhotoPass photographers so you would swap cameras with other guests as each group posed. Sometimes waiting till someone came along to have their pic taken.

The Dick Tracy movie starring Warren Beatty as Dick Tracy was everywhere at MGM in 1991. There were Dick Tracy souvenirs, cars on display and even a stage show. My sons favorite souvenir was a radio watch. It didn't work as a radio but it did light up. I liked it because it was analog which helped him to learn to tell time. 

Disney had plans for a Dick Tracy attraction that was eventually scrubbed. The film was just not as successful as they had planned and all vestiges of Dick Tracy slowly faded from The Studios.eat flashbacks!

Do you remember the Dick Tracy movie? What did you think?

Have a Disney Day!


  1. What a fun picture!

  2. It was a fun time in MGM. We raced between all the live shows they were having out on the streets. Check the 40 years post on Monday if you can I'll be writing about that trip.

  3. So fun!! I remember when Disneyland had Dick Tracey characters walking around. I even have photos some where. 


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