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Saturday Shorts~Godspeed Atlantis

Godspeed Atlantis STS-135!! Thank you, NASA Space Shuttle Program for declaring in February 2011, one more mission, despite a dire funding situation. Yesterday, we watched sadly as Atlantis launched for the very last time from Kennedy Space Center in Florida. For today's Saturday Shorts I've selected a video of yesterday's sentimental last voyage.

Special thanks to RT (RussiaToday) and NASA television for making this video available for download from YouTube. 
Does anybody see the irony in this? NASA will be spending exorbitant amounts of money to pay for hitching a ride on Russian shuttles in the future.

Getting down from my soapbox now and back to focusing on the magic which brings me to.....
 You may be wondering why a Disney blogger would include a video of a shuttle launch. Well, if you've never taken a side trip to Kennedy Space Center in Florida while you're visiting Disney World you're really missing an amazing experience. I'll be posting about our many exciting NASA adventures in posts to come....

Did you watch the launch?


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