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Nightly Monorail Schedule Change

Starting today, July 11, 2011 there are a few changes in the monorail operating hours. The Epcot Monorail will only run one hour after the regular park closing time. Currently it runs 1 1/2 hours after park closing. Beginning August 1,2011 the Magic Kingdom Monorail will run one hour after regular park closing time. It now runs 2 hours after park closing. There will be additional buses provided. Watercraft schedules will not change. There will be no monorail service after the one hour regular closing during Evening Extra Magic Hours (EMH) in either park.

Here's a little transportation tip for ya'

If you're ever stranded at the end of the night with your car parked in another park, take a bus to the TTC and ask a bus driver there for a ride to your car. Disney plans for everything:D

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  1. Thanks for the update, Is there a reason for the change.

    Diane @Can Do it MOM

  2. You're welcome:) Disney never releases an official reason for any changes. My best guess is that it's just more efficient to run more buses and boats than monorails at those times. The monorails are more expensive to run and have fewer riders late at night.
    Too bad, I loved riding the monorail late at night:(

  3. Thanks for the update. Hoping to get to go at the end of August. Please check my post. I'm requesting some opinions on the Dining Plan. Trying to decide what to do.

    By the way, that has to be one of the most beautiful and colorful photos I've seen on the monorail. Gorgeous!

  4. Thanks Cathy, that's an oldie but goody of the monorail during the 2007 Flower & Garden Festival. I have lots of monorail pics but I always seem to go to that one.

    I'll pop over and see if I can contribute anything to your dining plans:)

  5. I'm with Cathy - that's one of the prettiest pics of the monorail that I have ever seen. LOVE IT!

    We've enjoyed riding the monorail at night too, yet I can understand the change.

    I'm wondering if the stranded comment at the end of your post in the voice of experience talking?!

  6. Thanks so much Heidi:)

    Haha Yes, that is the voice of experience. We parked the car at AK, met up with friends and wound up at MK that night. Wrapped up in the Disney magic and totally forgetting AK closes early. Disney had our back though, with a ride back to the car:)


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