Weekly Recap ~ May 29th - June 5th | Focused on the Magic : Weekly Recap ~ May 29th - June 5th


Weekly Recap ~ May 29th - June 5th

We managed to stay Focused on the Magic of Disney™ this week despite a trip to New York and unexpected trip to the emergency room yesterday. More or less on that later, first let's recap.

Star Wars Weekend Past Pics & Tips covers pics from past magical trips to Star Wars Weekends. Sprinkled in are some hopefully helpful tips for photography, shopping and touring. I'm not an expert in any of those areas (although DH might disagree about shopping) but I do have a lot of experience and enjoy sharing whenever I can to help make your trips a bit more magical. Each tip is marked for quick reference.

Deb's Disney Pic of the Day

Occasionally I'll pull out pic I think fits with the topics of the week and feature it. This one is of Darth Vader and The Stormtroopers dancing to Thriller,
from Star Wars Weekend. Check out Peters' Darth Vader mini video of the dance!

The Love Bugs  

they're baack, those pesky Love Bugs. We talked about them and shared some tips as to how to deal with the amorous flying bugs while in WDW. We also said goodbye to Herbie the Love Bug :(

Wordless Wednesday Hop - Disney Style  

I love Wordless Wednesday maybe because one of my hobbies is photography. To me Wednesday means sitting down with a cup of coffee in my favorite Disney mug and viewing Disney Wordless Wednesday pics on the web. Unfortunately, it can be harder than finding Hidden Mickeys at WDW. Wading through a lot of non Disney (no offense intended) pics first before finding Disney themed pics takes a lot of time. This week I joined forces with 16 great Disney fan blogs for a hop. Please check out this weeks links and leave a comment. Next week come join us (link up, visit and comment) for another Fun Blog Hop Disney Style ~ Wordless Wednesday.

A View of Illuminations

Thursday was The Disneyland Blog Hop and once again I came in at the tail end.The topic was Disney Firsts. I posted A View Of Illuminations while on the road to New York which was a first for me. This was also the first time I was able to get many good shots of Illuminations from a seated relaxed enjoyable location and a great view. No one was bumping the tripod or pressing up against me and I was seated with an adult beverage on the patio. Ah! A welcome first after a long day and a wonderful meal at the Rose & Crown Pub.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks posts and stop back again next week for more Focused on the Magic Of Disney™ ºoº

P.S. The trip to NY was ok but the traffic was insane!!! The trip to the emergency room for Peters' hand wasn't ok. He is paralyzed and in pain in his hand and the doctors after all the testing don't know why. We're seeing a neurologist on Monday. Too bad I can't get an appointment with House, we're not far from Princeton:P


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