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Under the Living Seas

~Epcot's Living Seas Pavilion~
When I think of "under the sea" I think of (as I'm sure many of you do) The Little Mermaid movie. I also think of the under world in The Seas with Nemo & Friends Pavilion in Epcot formerly known as The Living Seas Pavilion

We've enjoyed many an afternoon watching the fish, enjoying demonstrations and of course riding in the little clam shells:)
Epcot's Living Seas Pavilion
This Butterflyfish spends its days cruising the Living Seas coraf reefs eating small crustaceans. Butterflyfish sometimes swim in schools and when they find a mate it's for life.

There's always something exciting going on in this amazing under water world. I think that's why it's a "must do" attraction for us. The pavilion tank is 5.7 million gallons with coral reefs and plant life growing throughout. 
The pavilion has evolved over the years and each visit we discover new additions and more sea life. There are now more than 6,000 inhabitants, which include sea turtles, dolphins, rays and other sea life.

Epcot's Living Seas Pavilion

Most Sea Turtles are nomads and can travel up to 1300 miles to reach their breeding grounds at a rate of 5 to10 miles and hour! Mature females will often return, sometimes over thousands of miles, to the beach where they hatched their eggs. The lifespan of a sea turtle can be as much as 50-80 years! It must be all that exercise must:)  If you observe the sea turtles as they swim in the tank, you'll notice them catching the currents, gliding and turning in a regular pattern much like Crush does in the movie Finding Nemo. 
Fascinating to watch! 

The dolphins have their own tank because they like to play rough with the other fish. If you have the opportunity to catch one of the trainers demonstrations ( check the times guide) you won't be disappointed.

Focused on the Magic - Epcot's Living Seas Pavilion
Here they are laughing on cue from the trainer.
Focused on the Magic - Epcot's Living Seas Pavilion
 Do a little dance♪

   Of course a trip to the pavilion isn't complete without  checking out turtle Talk with Crush and The Seas with Nemo and Friends ride that takes you on an underwater search for Nemo which is dark but not scary for young guests. 
We have lots of wonderful memories of The Living Seas. DS still enjoys his fascination with the aquatic. He's built and maintains two fresh water gallonormous (no idea how many gallons they're just huge) tanks and a salt water reef. I'm so looking forward to our next trip in the spring and maybe this time we'll do Dive Quest!
Epcot's Living Seas, The Seas with Nemo and Friends

Check out :The Seas with Nemo and Friends  or this great source, Sea Turtle World, for even more information 

What is your favorite part of Epcot's Living Seas Pavilion?


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  1. Beautiful pictures! Now I want to go to the sea!

    Bookgirl @ My Magical Adventures

  2. Beautiful work as always. I especially love the sea turtle...they are my favorites! :D

  3. Thanks:) I would love to be back there today watching the turtles glide through the water..
    ..a girl can dream...

  4. Great pictures Deb!! Loved it, now I have to make sure I add it to my "To Do" list for Disney, I might have to talk the hubby into another trip to do everything I want. LOL!

  5. Your photos are beautiful as always! :D Great idea for the theme! :)

  6. Thanks Donna Kay, lol, that's how I get DH to keep going back;)There's always more to see and do!

    Thanks Manda, I just love this pavilion and all it has to offer:)

  7. I visited WDW in March and didn't even know this was there. I spent the morning alone in Epcot. This would have been a REALLY nice way to pass the time!

  8. Disneyland Mom,
    It's tucked away past Soarin. That's really too bad. I hope you'll get a chance to go back and enjoy it!

  9. Amazing photos! I knew most turtles were nomads, but I had no idea they traveled that far in a single day! Wow!

  10. Anonymous12:57 PM

    I love this pavilion too! I'm envious of your fabulous aquarium photos. Very nice!

  11. Great pictures! My son was mesmerized by this pavilion. I didn't know about the dolphin show - I'll have to check that out next time! We did see them swimming around, but I didn't realize it was a full show!


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