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What the Blogger is going on?

Blogger has been acting up since Thursday. They're having "tech" issues causing them to go into a long "time-out". I can thoroughly understand how this can happen and they seem apologetic but the lack of communication is very frustrating. No email messages were sent. I eventually tracked them down on Twitter to find out what was happening. 
It all started for me on Thursday when my Disneyland blog hop post disappeared with all the comments. But then worst case scenario happened as I was doing a major overhaul to the links page. All the major improvements and changes I had just spent hours doing in a winky dink were GONE, vanished vamoose:( 
Ok, I know what you're thinking. Why didn't you back it up save it or something?! You're so right! Big lesson learned!

Blogger claims that all will be well by the end of the weekend and I pray it's so.They're saying most of the lost posts are back. Most of mine are but the changes I made aren't and my precious comments are all missing:( In the meantime I'll lick my wounds try and rebuild all the grab buttons and links page and most of all back-up my files!
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  1. All of my comments are gone too! I'm very sad. :( Hopefully they will get everything fixed this weekend! Good luck finishing your overhaul. That is awful that all the changes are gone! Maybe they will magically reappear!

  2. Pooh- what a shame you lost all your work. I've been losing comments for 2 weeks now... I agree, that hurts most!
    Good luck with your construction!! :D

  3. Thanks, I'm going to spread some pixie dust over my keyboard and see if my posts and comments come back!
    It's better than waiting for Blogger!


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