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Disneyitis: #DisneySide Symptoms and Diagnosis

It happens to unsuspecting guests of the Disney parks, usually after returning home from a magical experience. You may have experienced it yourself or you may know someone who is afflicted. It's known as PTTD (Post Traumatic Trip Disorder) or more commonly, Disneyitis. This is a test to check for symptoms. It will outline how badly you've been stricken by Disney Magic and how much in need of a Disney Day you are.
  • Does your basic wardrobe consist of enough character shirts for a month without doing laundry? 
  • Have you found all the Hidden Mickey's in your own house and have you been known to discover them in other peoples? 
  • Does your home look like the Disney Store, Disney.com, or a Disney park? 
  • Do you know how to make this....ºoº e computer? Answer:you hit alt 167 then a o then alt 167 again. ºoº
  • Do you have every Disney gif and jpg you've ever seen saved to your hard drive?
  • You make ADRs for Mickey's Luau in February even if CRO told you the forecast is for snow and that appropriate attire will include parkas and that your pooh-pooh platters and mai-tai's will be frozen.
  • Do you say "Have A Disney Day" as your guests leave your home or office?
  • Do you call your own companies employees Cast Members.
  • Do you know how to get from Splash Mountain to Space Mountain in less than 10 minutes ........During the 3:00 parade........ On Easter Sunday.......Without using the Tunnels? 
  • You call your garage doors "utilidors" .
  • Do you miss Mission to Mars, most of all the peanut on the screen.
  • Do you throw a coin into the Seven Seas Lagoon and wish for the 20,000 league subs to reappear?
  • You remember "If You Had Wings." You can still sing the song.
  • You know all the words to "It's a Small World", not just the Chorus; in all the different languages.
  • You can name the seven dwarfs.
  • You can name all lands in WDW's Magic Kingdom.
  • You can name the seven daughters of Triton.
  • You carry a list of hidden Mickey's with you while touring the parks but never use it because you have them memorized.
  • You can name the 11 countries around World Showcase... In order.
  • You've seen Spectro Magic, Illuminations and Fantasy in the Sky on the same night...from inside both parks.
  • You know where all the Disney outlet stores are across the country..
  • Do you have a favorite room at ALL of the Disney Resorts?
  • Do you think that staying at the Swan and Dolphin isn't Disney enough?
  • Have you ever waited for the next Monorail because it wasn't your favorite color?
  • Do you know all the colors of the Monorail?
  • You know all the colors of the monorails and how fast they travel?
  • You can recite the Haunted Mansion spiel.
  • You can recite the Jungle Cruise spiel.
  • You can recite the Backstage Studio Tour spiel. The old one.
  • Did you name your first born after a Disney character?
  • You know by name at least one of the trolley horses at the MK.
  • Do you have pets or plants named after Disney characters?
  • Do you have Disney Dollars in your wallet?
  • Do you have pictures of your favorite Disney characters on your cell phone?
  • Do you own more than 1 pair of mouse ears?
  • Do you have more than one Disney ringtone?
  • Do you have a Disney screensaver on your computer?
  • Do you think that Florida wasn't even REALLY a state until 1971?
  • Have you not gone to Universal because you would feel like a traitor?
  • If you do go to Universal do you wear a Mickey shirt?
  • Does your stock portfolio consist of Disney stock?
  • Your frequent flyer miles award is a ticket anywhere in the world and you choose to go to a Disney park?
  • Do your checks have Disney characters on them?
  • Do you have a Disney flag for each holiday?
  • Do you have something Disney on right now?
  • Do you have a rock collection from the parks?
  • Are you disappointed when the server at IHOP serves you pancakes and they're not Mickeycakes? Do you send them back?
  • Do you have every issue of Disney News Magazine saved?
  •  It's Halloween and the kids want to get dressed up as non Disney ghosts and goblins. Are you crushed?
  • You have at least one favorite Disney costume for yourself and one for your pet?
  • The only classical music piece you've ever heard is the soundtrack from Fantasia.
  • Your kids don't know who Mother Goose is but they know Mrs. Potts.
  • You'd trade your Disney pin collection to stay in King Stephan's castle for one night.
  • The first Broadway play you've ever seen was Beauty And The Beast or The Lion King.
  • You know where every talking garbage can is in each park.
  • Off Kilter is your favorite band.
  • You can name at least six character meals. You've tried them all.
  • The greeter at the Poly knows you by name.
  • Do you know the monorail spiel by heart?
  • The only time you go to the movies is when Disney releases a new one.
  • You've pre-ordered the next Disney DVD re-release.
  • You know how may little triangles are in SSE.
  • You named your Thanksgiving turkey after one of the villains.
  • Before you will date someone you ask them their favorite character instead of their astrological sign.You believe some characters just don't mix well and turn them down.
  • For the holidays you're not happy unless you receive at least one Disney gift. You make up for it by buying yourself something Disney.
  • Can you sing the Mickey Mouse club song from beginning to the end?

The Disneyitis test is from my old website Deb's Dose Of Disney now archived in the internet's Wayback Machine. There are some modifications to bring it up to date but the symptoms in general are classic and timeless. 
So far I can only think of one cure.
A trip to the parks!!

Can you think of more symptoms or even a cure? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. 

Have a magical day! 


  1. I am afraid I have it!


  2. You are not alone and you're in good company, LOL!!!

  3. I am afraid I 'suffer' from this too! :)

  4. Alice,
    I think the worst part for me is when I'm not planning my next trip. I find myself trying to plan other peoples trips for them. Look out!


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