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Blogging with Integrity

This week's Babes in Disneyland Blog Hop topic is integrity. Along with the topic Lisa has asked us to read and consider taking a blogging pledge of integrity which she as one of  The Three Disneyland Moms has created. You can read it here and take the pledge. 

In my blog I share my pics, tips and personal travel experiences. I have no hidden agenda, no sponsors or anything to sell. I write or take pics of those things I find interesting, news worthy or entertaining to me that relate to Disney. I hope that my readers are entertained or enlightened or both. I would also hope that I've never offended anyone or imposed my thoughts and ideas in an offensive manner. If I have I sincerely apologize. If I do in the future, please go gently me on me. I'm old;)  I've been around the Disney online community since 1994. In all that time I've come across very few instances where Disney fan board members, bloggers or webmasters behaved in a manner without integrity.  Even in those rare situations differences were discretely worked out in true "Disney" spirit. 
 We as bloggers may not directly represent the Disney corporation, but we are hosts of the Disney culture and the Disney online community. In that sense, I feel we have a responsibility in our blogging actions to behave with the utmost integrity and respect for Disney. Obviously, I gladly signed the pledge. It reaffirms what we all know is right and is a welcome reminder to do the right thing.  
Always let your conscience be your guide

Did you sign the pledge? What do you think?

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