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10 Tips to Better Disney Pictures

10 Tips to Better Disney Pictures
Today we have a list of 10 simple things that may be helpful the next time you're capturing the Disney magic in photos. 

1. Move in close. Disney parks and resorts are well known for their incredible attention to detail in storytelling. Zoom in on the details to create your picture story.
10 Tips to Better Disney Pictures Disneyland Rose
2. Watch the light. If you're in the shade or the subject is back lit, use your flash to fill in the shadows. Some flash heads can be adjusted (-/+) to prevent blowing out (washing out) the shadows entirely. Experiment at home with your flash, before you travel. Each camera is different. Get to know yours.
10 Tips to Better Disney Pictures Boardwalk Villas
4. Move the subject off center. It creates interest:) Here's an example of a couple of interesting characters. Moving them off center gives the illusion they are deep in conversation.
10 Tips to Better Disney Pictures Star Wars
5. Be quick, snap to it! If you take too long you may miss the moment and/or your Dole Whip will be a puddle of mush as mine was here.

10 Tips to Better Disney Pictures Dole Whip

7. Be prepared! Florida weather can change rapidly from sunny to a monsoon. Carry xlarge ziplock bags for your camera and camera bag. 

8. Chimp as you go! "Chimping" is an expression for reviewing your pictures. If you're in bright light put a towel, shirt something over your head so that you can see your pictures on your LCD screen. Don't waste valuable touring/family time deleting pictures. Delete, dump and get rid of your trashy photos later back in your resort. 

9. Shoot, shoot, shoot! Bring lots and lots of memory from home. You can neverhave enough memory! Your memories are priceless so protect them by putting your ph# on the memory card using a CD/DVD marker. I also put this picture of our dog, Einstein (with my ph#) on my memory card as the first picture I see when I turn on the camera. You could also take a picture of your business card or a quick snap of your resort room number. Having a photo or phone number on your memory card helps ensure it will be returned to you if found.
10 Tips to Better Disney Pictures
10. Get in the pic. Give your camera to a PhotoPass photographer or a son as I did:) Photopass photographers are always very willing to take pictures with your camera.
10 Tips to Better Disney Pictures

10+ Read the manual!!
No kidding, I'm approached all the time for directions on how to work cameras! I don't mind at all, but quite often all they really had to do was to read the manual. You don't want to miss capturing one magical moment! If you're stuck, there are very helpful Cast Members in camera shops located in each of the parks that can assist with your camera questions.

Well, that's it for today:) I hope you enjoyed reading my little list. If you're you'd like to read my " I'm no expert" DISclaimer you can find it in my "about me". Time to get my pictures ready for The Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop ~ Disney Style!

Till next time.
Happy snapping!

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