Focused on the Magic: Our #DisneySide @ Home Celebration Part III | Focused on the Magic : Focused on the Magic: Our #DisneySide @ Home Celebration Part III


Focused on the Magic: Our #DisneySide @ Home Celebration Part III

Disclosure: I received free products in order to host a Disney Side @Home Celebration. the opinions expressed here are all my own.
Focused on the Magic: Our #DisneySide @ Home Celebration

Moving right along in our Disney @Home Celebration Series we come to the sweets, snacks and smoothie table. Preparing the hot buffet while visiting with guests is always a challenge for me but I had a really great helper in Peter. I really couldn't have done this without him. He also helped me in preparing all the sweets and snacks. Because our party was cancelled a few times my family enjoyed cakes and cupcakes throughout the month of February. They didn't complain and made great Disney Side taste testers. 
The centerpiece of our table was the Minnie and Daisy cupcake stand that was included in our party box. I've said it before and I'll say it again, the Disney and MomSelect teams thought of everything when they put the party boxes together.

Everyone raved about the Retro Mickey Tie-Dye Cupcakes. This was a multi-generational party so the mention of tie-dye sparked a lively conversation with laughs and fun flashbacks. The
Duff Goldman cake mix  was quick and easy to make. I learned how to make a two color frosting by watching a very clever video on YouTube. I'll put all the links below. Next time I'll use more colors to give it more contrast. By adding Mini Oreos to the frosting they were Disneyfied (my new favorite word again).

Focused on the Magic: #DisneySide Mickey Tie-Dye Cupcakes

If you can't get your hands on Mini Oreos or Uncle Al's you can always use Chocolate Candy Melts as Mickey Ears. They are easily found in most bakery aisles of the supermarket.
Focused on the Magic: Our #DisneySide @ Home Celebration

Smaller but just as sweet were The Blue Fairy Wand Mini Cupcakes. They are a combination of store bought cupcakes topped with silver sprinkles and a pretzel wand. To make your wand dip a pretzel stick in melted chocolate then dip or roll in coconut. Cool on wax paper and you are all set. It's a nice sweet and salty treat.

Focused on the Magic | Blue Fairy Wand Mini Cupcakes

Using the same technique I made Sorcerer Mickey Wands from large pretzel sticks. Everyone loved them. Pretzel sticks make great wands and pointers. While I had the chocolate out I also made Minnie Pretzels by dipping just the ears of mini pretzels in the chocolate. I placed them in small bowls around the game table and on coffee tables. 
Focused on the Magic | Minnie PretzelsFocused on the Magic | Sorcerer Mickey Wands
Last time we had a Disney Side @Home Celebration our cookies were a hit so Peter and I decided to make them again. they are very easy and the kids get a real joy in seeing "Mickey with his pants on" cookies.
All you need are large and small Oreos ( I used Uncle Al's brand), Red Velvet Candy Melts, a little frosting, and yellow M&Ms.
Focused on the Magic | Mickey Mouse Cookies

Focused on the Magic | Sven's Trail Mix

We had the Disney Parks DVD on before the feature film which made everyone reminisce and share memories of their past Disney Vacations. When it was time for the feature film everyone grabbed a Minnie and Daisy Snack Box with popcorn and headed into the den to watch Saving Mr. Banks. The little ones enjoyed watching Big Hero 6 in the living room.

We played Pin the Mouth on Moving Mickey which really brought down the house with laughs.

Then there were The Mickey Brownies. I almost didn't put these out because they came out looking so silly. I had to make two boxes of Brownie Mix and bake it on a large cookie sheet to get enough for a platter after cutting the shapes. I probably won't do that again for a large crowd. At least they tasted good even if they looked scary.

Our refreshments were an assortment of sodas, wine, liquor and juice. The specialty drink was a King Louie Smoothie. I like it because it's healthy and easy whip up for a large crowd. In a blender crush ice and blend in V8 Strawberry Banana Smoothie. Adults got a shot of rum blended in and topped with a strawberry served in a glass. The Kidlets got the same mix sans rum in a Mickey and Friends party cup so that there would be no mistaking the cocktails from the mocktails.

Fruit is always well received by our guests and after last years Fruit Wands dripping mess all over the table and our guests, I thought a platter would be the better way to serve it.

Everyone loved that they received a package of  HP #CMYK (Create Memories You Keep) Packs photo paper and envelopes from HP to take home. The kids loved the toys, pencils and stickers and I loved that I got to spend an evening with my family and friends sharing our Disney Side.

For more of our Disney Side Party click on over to:

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Many thanks to Leanne Jakubowski, Jamie Langdon the entire Disney Parks team in partnership with Maria Bailey and the MomSelect team for giving me the opportunity to host a magical #DisneySide party.

For some great recipes and fun activities - visit the #DisneySide website below:
Twitter: @DisneyParks
Facebook page: Walt Disney World
YouTube channel:

What do you think of these sweets and snacks? Tell me in the comments section below.

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