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Cool Frozen Fan Gifts and Garb

We're having some "Frozen" Summer Fun today featuring gifts, gear, gadgets and garb that are practically perfect for fans of the blockbuster hit Disney movie "Frozen".

Frozen movie character Oaken
Imagine you've stopped by Oaken's Online Trading Post Cyber Shop to browse for your next adventure's gear or garb. As you climb the imaginary steps to the wooden front door you pass troll carvings standing on guard. Upon entering you feel toasty from the roaring fire and are greeted by the jolly shopkeeper, Oaken who just happens to know what customers of all ages want.

shopping for Frozen merchandise Disney Hollywood Studios
Photos ©Disney

Now that you are in the mood to shop let's see what I found at the The Disney Store online. Anything  "Frozen" is extremely popular right now. They are trying to replenish stock as quickly as possible but the demand is sometimes too much.

Calling 1-800-362-4533 is sometimes the best alternative if you don't see what you want. They can help you find items from the parks (those items will start with a #400 item number) or from the store. If all Frozen are out of stock Guest Services will very kindly announce it right in the beginning of your phone call so that you aren't left waiting.

I'll be calling for the antenna topper and the refrigerator magnet! Olaf sure would help find your car in a crowded WDW parking lot. What fun to have Olaf greeting me each day!

Frozen merchandise Disney Store
Photos ©Disney
Target has a great selection of "Frozen" merchandise and they try to keep their shelves stocked as well. We spotted a castle play set for $34.99, Princess Elsa Infinity character for $13.99 and plush Olaf for $18.00.

If you are on the hunt for a Princess  Anna and Elsa costume dress you would be wise to check out Target. They were only $19.99. Of course I should mention that we have a Disney Store Frozen Princess Wardrobe Giveaway going on right now that you can enter HERE.

Target Frozen merchandise

Last weekend was the Christmas in July event at the Gold Crown Hallmark stores. It was the perfect time to pre-order "Frozen" Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments. SRP $14.95
I ordered two Olaf's, that will debut in October and one Princess Elsa, the Snow Queen will be joining the 2014 collection this November!
When I shop I am always on the look out for something special for our pets. A new collar and leash from Heather Waldo's BellasDogCollars Etsy Shop would be really cool for Einstein.
Game night sure would be fun playing Frozen Olaf's in Trouble Game

 "Frozen" Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments

What's your Disney Style?
I don't dress as a Disney Bounder IRL but I do like to dress Disney Style for visits to the parks. Stylish comfortable fun outfits that show my Disney Side while staying cool in the Florida sun are what I look for.
The Olaf outfit below would be perfect for a hot summer day in the parks while showing my Disney Side. I have the pendant already. Mine came from Kohls and is white gold with small diamonds. Kohls also sells it in silver for about $100.
Olaf Outfit
REDBUBBLE T-shirts "Frozen

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