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Love is in the Air!

Travel tip ~ The month of May welcomes beautiful weather, The Flower and Garden Festival and those infamous pesky little flying Lovebugs around Disney World. Not our beloved Herbie the Love Bug but coupled insects lovin’ it up airborne everywhere in Florida. There’s not much a Guest can do but shoo them away and wipe them off the windshield. 
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They’re annoying, weird and gross but most importantly (to me anyway) they don’t bite. Just be sure to shake out your shoes and bathing suits if you leave them on the balcony or patio of your resort.

Even Disney World’s fastidious pest control has a difficult time controlling these amorous bugs. They're doing a phenomenal job. As soon as you go off WDW property you appreciate just how much they do.
Lovebugs aka March Flies appear in May and September not March as the name implies in droves. So, what are they doing, really? The short “G”version. After they “hook up”while airborne the male dies. The female continues to carry him around until she lays her eggs in vegetation on the ground.
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So, for a short time guests in WDW will have to put up with the Lovebugs. As quickly as they arrived, they’ll be gone.

Do you mind the Love Bugs?

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