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#DisneySide Hidden Mickey Hunting & Tiggerific Trivia

#DisneySide Hidden Mickey Hunting & Tiggerific Trivia
You don't really have to hunt to find the brass Hidden Mickeys adorning the elaborate bridles and halters of the Main Street Transportation Horse Drawn Trolley. They are easy to spot in the pictures above. 

Fun Disney Horsey facts:

  • The horses chosen for this important job are all geldings (neutered males).
  • They are Belgians and Percherons which are breeds known for their mild temperament and strength. 
  • The Belgians are from Belgium, and the Percherons are a Northwest section of France called La Perche.
  • Disney uses Lippizans in weddings, the Christmas Parade and to pull Cinderella's coach.
  • The horses work four hours a day, four days a week.
  • Plastic horseshoes are worn by the horses.
  • The Transportation Trolley fully loaded weighs about 4000 lbs. 
  • The steel tracks in the street help guide the trolley and ease the burden on the horses.
  • At night the horses are housed at the Tri-Circle-D Farm at Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort.

Do you hunt for Hidden Mickey's in the parks? 
Have a Tiggerific Day! 
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