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Walt Disney World Resort Transportation

Motor Launches and Motor Cruisers (also referred to as a water taxi or water launch) provide transportation between the Magic Kingdom and several of the Walt Disney World Resorts.
One of our families favorite forms of Walt Disney World transportation are the Motor Launches and Motor Cruisers. So much so that my husband asks before I make the resort reservation if it has monorail or boat service. It's just so relaxing after a long day in the parks to hop aboard one of the boats and cruise back to the resort and in the morning it's just a perfect way to start the day. The boat captains can be quite entertaining too. If you have a chance sit up front do so, you may get to hear the captain tell jokes or tales of the Seven Seas Lagoon.
Motor Launch to the Grand Floridian


The resorts serviced by motor launches and motor cruisers are:
• Disney's Grand Floridian Resort & Spa
• Disney's Polynesian Resort
• Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground
• Disney's Wilderness Lodge

What's the difference between a motor launch and a motor cruiser?
Motor Launches are open sided with wooden bench seats. The canopy provides protection from the sun and some protection from the rain. You may encounter a wet seat or two after a rain shower.

Motor Cruisers are larger and have enclosed sides with sliding windows. There are outside benches for seating in the bow (front) and in the stern (rear) of the cruiser.

The resorts and their flag colors:
There are two Blue Flag motor launches providing service to the Contemporary Resort, Wilderness Lodge and Fort Wilderness Campgrounds starting daily at 6:45am.
Two Gold Flag motor launches run from the Magic Kingdom to the Grand Floridian and Polynesian and then back to the Magic Kingdom. They typically run from an hour before park opening to and hour after the Magic Kingdom closes. The wait time is between 15 to 20 minutes.
The Wilderness Lodge (Red Flag) is serviced by one motor launch and one motor cruiser and begin each day at 8:30am unless there are Early Extra Magic Hours. They run at night till one hour after park closing unless there is Night Extra Magic Hours.
The Fort Wilderness Campground is serviced by two (Green Flag) motor cruisers running from 8:30am to approximately 1 hour after the Magic Kingdom closes. These boats only run between the Magic Kingdom and Fort Wilderness Campground.

Both the Red and Green Flag lines operate for Extra Magic Hour Mornings and also for evening Extra Magic Hours so there is always transportation across the waterways to your resort and the Magic Kingdom.
Motor Cruiser to the Magic Kingdom

When we have a choice I prefer to sit up front in the bow of motor cruisers. It gives me a chance to snap pictures of the Seven Seas Lagoon and the water bridge channel to Bay Lake. I especially like it in the evening as the sun is setting.The colors are amazing!

Neat bit of boat trivia:
  • Both of the launches run clockwise until 3pm when they reverse direction. Both launches run until 11:30pm 
  • The Motor Cruisers are named Mermaid I, Bon Voyage, and Castaways.
Motor Launch & Motor Cruiser Map

ECVs can be accommodated on motor cruisers if the water level is low causing a big gap between the dock and the ramp. Strollers and wheelchairs must be folded to board motor launches. ECVs cannot board motor launches.
Thank you for joining me today. Your next stop is The Disney Point.
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