Marvel Entertainment Attracting Out-Of-This-World Excitement for August 2014 Movie Event "Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy" | Focused on the Magic : Marvel Entertainment Attracting Out-Of-This-World Excitement for August 2014 Movie Event "Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy"


Marvel Entertainment Attracting Out-Of-This-World Excitement for August 2014 Movie Event "Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy"

The buzz around Marvel's new Movie Event "Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy"

Hasbro, Disguise and Slideshow Collectibles among Best in Class Licensees Committing Major Product Development and Marketing Resources to Latest Marvel Cinematic Franchise
Property at Forefront of Marvel Buzz during Licensing Expo 2013
The power of the Marvel:
The buzz around Marvel's next movie event seems to be heading toward galactic proportions. At Licensing Expo 2013, Marvel Entertainment, LLC, a global character-based entertainment company, unveiled Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy to out-of-this-world excitement from the licensing industry. In the far reaches of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, an unlikely cast of characters including Peter Quill, Gamora, Drax, Groot and Rocket Raccoon must join forces to defeat a cosmic force of epic proportions. Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy arrives in theaters August 1, 2014.

Some of the industry's biggest names in key product categories have signed on to anchor the licensing program, led by Hasbro, Disguise and Sideshow Collectibles, who upon seeing and hearing more about the film are amping up their product and marketing support.
"As we've seen with Marvel's The Avengers and Iron Man, Marvel Studios is expert in developing comic-based properties into major blockbuster events and bringing them to the forefront of pop-culture," said Adam Biehl, Vice President of Global Marketing at Hasbro. "From the early visuals Hasbro has seen of Guardians of the Galaxy, and knowing the extensive franchise marketing Marvel will put behind this property, we are extremely excited by what the studio has in store for fans and movie goers. Hasbro can't wait to offer kids and fans of all ages an exciting array of toys based on Guardians of the Galaxy."
Cheryl McCarthy, VP, Product Design and Marketing, Disguise, added, "Disguise is thrilled to be designing a line of costumes and accessories based on the amazing and rich outer realm characters from Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy like Star Lord, Drax and Gamora. It's a treat to expand our Marvel portfolio of Halloween costumes and bring these unique and colorful heroes from the Marvel Cinematic Universe to life."
Greg Anzalone, President of Sideshow Collectibles, added, "It's thrilling to see the way that Marvel continues to expand the brand and broaden the vision for entertainment, bringing more and more fantastic characters from the rich comic history to the big screen. Guardians of the Galaxy offers a whole new sense of adventure in the great beyond of deep space, an exciting turn for the Marvel film franchise. As a licensee, we're excited that Guardians offers all-new opportunities, building on the success that we've enjoyed with Avengers and each of the individual character films that have come before."
Marvel is expected to unveil several additional partners across all major product categories in the coming months.
"Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy has been very well received by our licensing and retail partners during meetings held both before and during the show. Both the film and new character portfolio introduces a new and exciting slate of personalities and galactic vehicles that span the galaxy like non other seen in previous Marvel films. These elements along with the power of the Marvel brand sparked the attention of potential partners who immediately saw the application to both new and existing product categories and are well positioned for a successful 2014 program," said Paul Gitter, senior vice president, licensing, Marvel at Disney Consumer Products.
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