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Where in The World?

I hope you are all enjoying Tax Day! I'm thrilled my taxes are filed and my laptop is almost back to functioning fabulously fast once again. No more auto updates for me. It was a hard lesson to learn. Never again will Windows update during a storm messing up my registry! Auto updates are turned off!

Let's have some fun and catch us a notorious villain, 
Peg Leg Pete on this taxing Tax Day. He was caught stealin'! Not from the IRS but from John Slaughter! 
Where in Disney World  might you find this wanted poster? 
Peg Leg Pete Focused on the Magic
Leave your answer in the comments below. 
If you have ever had a problem with Windows updates please leave a comment. Was yours a difficult recovery? I had to re-install Windows and lost all my program files. :/ 


  1. I haven't had that problem yet but you have my deepest sympathies! Computer problems are SO stressful. :(

    I'm guessing this is somewhere in Storybook Circus by the meet n greets?

  2. Good guess! It's at The Prairie Outpost in Frontierland in the Magic Kingdom.


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