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Tiggerific Trivia ~ Peter Pan

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Did you know?

J.M. Barrie's characters of Peter Pan was released on February 5, 1953. Today the Disney Peter Pan Diamond Edition is being released in a Blu-ray Combo Pack and HD Digital.
Disney Peter Pan Blu-ray & HD Digital Release

Fun Facts:

  • 22 year-old Margaret Kerry was the real-life model for Tinker Bell.
  • Kathryn Beaumont, who provided the voice for Wendy, also performed the live action references. In an interview, she said she had to hold out her arms and pretend to fly for all the scenes requiring it.
  • In compliance with the tradition of the stage version, the same actor, Hans Conried, performed the roles of both Mr. Darling and Captain Hook.
  • The melody for "The Second Star to the Right" was originally written for Alice in Wonderland (1951) for a song that was to be called "Beyond the Laughing Sky".
Thanks to Wikipedia and Disney Insider for this Disney trivia.

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  1. So excited to get my hands on the diamond edition as it includes some great bonus features.... Growing up with Nine Old men Short film. Thanks for sharing your trivia!!

  2. I love that trivia!! I LOVE Peter Pan!


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