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Guest Star Day ~ Disney Donna Kay

It's Guest Star Day here at Focused on the Magic. That means I get to interview one very special Disney fan and ask them probing questions about their love of all things Disney. This is such a great experience for me because as well as I think I may know someone, I always learn something new and fascinating about each person. I hope you'll get know our guests through this interview and maybe you'll come to call them friends too.
So, grab a cuppa whatever it is that you enjoy and get comfy while we chat with my dear Disney blogging friend, fellow Magical Blogorail member, writer, blogger, party board stylist and Mom, Disney Donna Kay.
Disney Donna Kay ~ Guest Star, Focused on the Magic

Where did your love of Disney come from?
My earliest Disney memory is seeing Sleeping Beauty when I was very young, but my true love for all things Disney came when Ashley & I moved to Pensacola, FL in the early 90’s.  We were away from home and I was terribly homesick at Christmastime.  We fell in love with a “kids” tree at a Christmas store in the mall and made ours a Disney version.  That Christmas tree in our hotel room was a God send and everyone loved it.  We still use many of those ornaments today, and now that Ashley is grown with kids of her own she has inherited some of those ornaments for her tree.  Those Disney ornaments are very sentimental to both of us.

Why did you start your Disney fan blog?
I really started blogging when I was planning our Walt Disney World trip in 2011.  It evolved when I found all of the other great Disney blogs out there, particularly the Disney Blog Hop.  I met so many of my wonderful Disney brothers & sisters through that blog hop and I am sure I wouldn’t still be blogging today if it weren’t for Lisa at Babes In Disneyland Blog.

What is your favorite park and your favorite memory from that park?
My favorite park is Magic Kingdom.  My first Walt Disney World trip came the year I turned 40, way overdue!! The first time I walked down Main Street and saw Cinderella Castle was amazing, I will always remember it!!

What’s in your Disney camera bag? What do you shoot with?
Much of the time at the parks I just use our Kodak point and shoot camera.  When I pull out my “real” camera it is my Nikon D80 and I usually just use my 24-70 lens.  I always have a mini tripod and lens cleaning kit handy too.

Are you a park early bird or a night owl?
Much to the dismay of my husband and son I am an early bird.  My husband has informed me that 6am wake up calls are banned from any future vacations.

What is your favorite restaurant and your favorite food from that restaurant?
We love breakfast at Crystal Palace and always eat there at least once or twice.  I would say our favorite is the Rainforest Café and we have eaten at the one in Downtown Disney and Animal Kingdom.  We love the atmosphere and the service has been great every time we go there.  I have to confess that I am a very picky eater, so no exotic food from me, but I do indulge in dessert while at Disney and I love their Sparkling Volcano.  The Chocolate Wave at the Coral Reef is pretty awesome too. 

Who is your favorite Disney face character and fur character?
I LOVE Mickey Mouse!! Walt & Mickey are one and the same to me, and I think Walt Disney was one of the greatest men who ever lived.  As for Disney Princesses, I love Aurora/Sleeping Beauty but I have never had to pleasure of meeting her at WDW.

What is your favorite resort on property and what makes it so special for you?
I think the Wilderness Lodge is fabulous!!  My husband is an outdoorsman and that was my reasoning in choosing it for our first trip, as it turned out we all loved it.  I love the décor and rustic feel and we were lucky enough to have a room with a view of the geyser.  The pool area is fabulous and the lobby is phenomenal!!

If you could work for Walt Disney Parks, what would be your dream job?
Can I have two jobs?? I love party planning so I would love to work as a party planner for the website or a wedding planner.  I would also love to work as a cast member for Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream.  I would be willing to do any job at the attraction, I love learning about Walt and his life.

What was the first Disney movie you ever saw?
I was 6 when I saw Sleeping Beauty at the theater when it was re-released in 1970.  I fell in love with the movie, and Aurora is my favorite Disney Princess to this day.  To be totally honest I love Briar Rose the most, especially the “Once Upon A Dream” scene.

If you could ask Walt Disney one question, what would it be?
This is hard for me because I would love to ask him a million questions!!  If I had to choose just one I would ask “What do you consider your biggest accomplishment? And if you had it to do all over again would you change anything?” 

Mentoring Monday's
Do you have a special talent you would like to share with us?
Does it count if I have talented children?? I am a pretty good baker and would love to learn to decorate cakes someday, but no “real” talent. 

Let’s hear about your blog. Do you have a niche or specialty you like to write about?
I first appeared on the Disney Blog Radar with my MentoringMonday series.  I loved getting to know my fellow Disney Bloggers better as well as getting great advice from all of them.  I would say now I am better known for my Disney Party Boards.  I love finding new ideas for Disney themed parties for both children and adults. They are definitely the most popular posts at Disney Donna Kay.  
What is it that inspires you to write about Disney?
I love learning about the history of Disney so that inspires the Did you know… posts, my love of Disney combined with my love of party planning inspire my Disney Party Boards but most of all I am inspired by all the other wonderful Disney blogs out there.

Would you like to share a link to a favorite blog post with us today?
I love creating my Disney Party Boards and here are two of my favorites 

Focused on the Magic, Disney Donna Kay ~ Guest Star
As you visit Disney Donna Kay, I think you will find a place very reflective of me personally-a sometimes sarcastic, always helpful, mostly entertaining Disney Fanatic!!  I am an Alabama girl, born and raised, who lives with my husband, Mike, and son, Dakota (my favorite 15 year old guitarist), on a 150 acre farm in Troy Alabama that's been in my husband's family since before the Civil War.  My daughter, Ashley, lives in Ft. Campbell, KY with her military husband, Eric, daughter, Lexi (who is 100% a 2 year old) and new son Tripp. If we were ever to meet in person, you will find a genuine Southern accent, the overuse of affectionate terms like "Honey", "Sugar", and "Darlin'" and an uncontrollable need to dote over everybody.   
Focused on the Magic, Debs

Now you know why I think Disney Donna Kay is a Star
Please stop by and visit her blog and while you are there check out the latest party boards for some inspiration for your next party!
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  1. nicole3:28 PM

    This is such a sweet way to share the magic and such a generous opening up of your space to other Disney fans. Sleeping Beauty is one of my first Disney memories too.

    Aloha Sweet Friend,

    How lucky am I to be a fellow bloggy mom and to be on this sweet journey right along with ya. I'm following you now from the December Bloggy Moms hop.

    If you're up for a bit of a ride I'd love, love, love for you to join me at "Local Sugar Hawaii where we're riding the wave of life together, one adventure at a time. And this weekend we're ringing in the new year together at An Aloha Affair. You can link up all of your creative work and share it with other sweet souls looking to make meaningful connections. Save ya a spot?

    Happy New Years to You and Yours.



  2. How very nice to re-meet you, Donna! I love having you as a Disney blogging friend. Thank goodness for Lisa at Babes for bringing so many of us together. :)

  3. 400 Miles to Disneyland10:13 PM

    Great Q&A! I'm like you Donna, I'm the only early bird in my family!


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