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101 Things To Do At Disney World ~ Splash Mountain

Welcome to our newest countdown to Disney. We’re counting down to our next great Walt Disney World vacation. This will be a different kind of family trip for us and filled with many firsts. We usually travel to Walt Disney World all together as a family but on this trip I will be travelling with my youngest son Peter and meeting up with some dear Disney friends. Peter and I have travelled to Disney World together many times and are really looking forward to spending some more mom and son time together. Peter has never been to Epcot's Food & Wine Festival before, I've never been to opening weekend and we're both excited to be at Epcot's 30th Anniversary Celebration.

In this series of posts I will cover 101 things we look forward to doing at Disney World, with each post focusing on specific things such as attractions, dining experiences, shows and well everything that's been on our bucket list since we started planning this trip a few months ago. 

What better place to start our series than in our “Laughing Place”, Splash Mountain, a ride that always makes us laugh and hit’s the spot on a warm day..or night. 

Peter really enjoys this ride and even wrote a review about it in a special teen edition of the Magical Blogorail.

In Peter’s words; “This was a surprise favorite ride for me. I have mild ASD and SPD and that makes me very shy about trying new things. I was afraid at first but after my family showed me pictures of it and described it and after a few trips not going on it but watching, I felt I would give it a try. Now I love it! I even talked my cousin who has ASD into riding it and he had a great time too.

Splash Mountain is an exhilarating FastPass flume ride in Frontierland that has been entertaining my family since it opened in 1992. The story line is about the beloved character, Br’er Rabbit and his many wild adventures in search of his laughing place. The ride is only 11 minutes long but because the theme is so rich and filled with twists and turns it seems a lot longer. The build-up to the final drop is always Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah exciting and scary and filled with giggles until we reach the top and drop the 5 stories at 40 miles an hour screaming all the way as you can see from the picture below;)

That's Peter and I in front with his cousins behind us. 

The best way to get to Splash Mountain is by steam train from Main Street, USA to the Frontierland Station. It gets us in an old west mood and is a welcome relief for tired tootsies. Fully recharged we make a mad dash for Splash Mountain and then on to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

Is Splash Mountain on your must do list?

Have a Disney Day


  1. Distherapy11:47 AM

    It's on our list today!  (Oh, and I better get to meet you in September!!)

  2. Yay! I can't wait to meet you!


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