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Destination Disney ~ Top 7 Activities Outside of the Parks

Narrowing my list down to just 7 activities was tough because as much as we enjoy Walt Disney World Resort each day of our trips. We also have a lot of fun outside the parks. So, here they are in no particular order. 

♥Disney cruising is definitely the first thing that came to my mind as an outside the park activity. Ok, so it's not technically an outside the park activity but lately I've had cruising on the brain trying to figure out when we'll be taking our next one. I've only cruised 4 times on the Wonder and Magic and am dreaming of my 5th on the Fantasy or the Dream.
♥Taking a ride on the Breathless is such a fun activity for us. My sons enjoyed every minute as you can see it.

Water Mice fun! We all enjoy zipping around on Water Mice. My favorite place to launch from is Wilderness Lodge.
♥ Shopping! I love to take trips to the Vineland outlet mall and pick up souvenirs. I also like to take trips to DTD have lunch and do a little shopping.
♥Horseback riding is a fun activity I did once and can't wait to do again.
Taking a swim in our resort pool is an activity that we love. Disney resorts have the best pools and hot tubs! The Yacht & Beach Club pool is my favorite. Peter enjoys the Boardwalk Keister Coaster best.

  ♥ Boardwalk Nights are a must do for us if we've staying at the Boardwalk or Y&B. We enjoy the restaurants, entertainment or just strolling with an ice cream.

Nightcaps on the balcony! It's a great way to end a day in the parks and plan the next days activites.

So, there you have it, my Top 7+ Activities Outside the Parks.
What's your favorite activity outside of the parks while you are on vacation?

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Have a Disney Day!


  1. What a great list!  You listed things that I never even thought of!  Thanks for linking up this week!

  2. Thank you for hosting! I could've gone on all day with that list, lol!!

  3. Steve Pratt4:30 PM

    I had to go look up what Water Mice were since I'm mainly a West Coast Disney guy. Those look like a ton of fun. That's definitely going on my "must try" list next time.

  4. I agree on the Cruise Line...didn't think to go there with my list, but great addition. Great list! (Except that Boardwalk clown freaks me out! LOL)

  5. MouseFanDiane11:19 PM

    Great Ideas, Deb Love the cruise 

  6. MapleMouseMama12:06 AM

    Great list Deb and I love your photo of the Keister Coaster!!



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