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Walt Disney World & Our Unconventional Family Traditions

Traveling to Walt Disney World over the past 20 our family has developed quite a few traditions. After thinking about them I realized we have way too many to include in just one post. Therefore and henceforth, this will be the first in a series of posts about our traditions. We enjoy the usual family traditions such as eating in favorite restaurants, taking pics in the same locations trip after trip, visiting certain rides on certain days. Along the way a few unconventional traditions have developed....... 

Our family is fairly traditional. Well, on second thought, maybe just in size. We're 2 kids and 2 adults. I guess that's pretty much where tradition stops. DH and I married a little later in life. DH was 27 and I a mere 26. DS #1, Stig was born (after many years of infertility) the day after our 10th anniversary. I didn't have another 10 years to wait ;) so DS #2, Peter arrived via adoption from Russia with love a few years later. 
I'm explaining this because I think families come in all ages, sizes, genders, colors and well you get the idea. Yet, we all have family traditions that are as unique as we are. 

 It was during one the early trips pre-Peter that our first unconventional family tradition started. DH always took video of us entering the park. First he'd zoom in on the entrance sign then mt son and I walking up to the gates with our backs to the camera. These movies cause laughs and giggles even now as DH would always manage to get my butt in the picture as I walked toward the park entrances. Thankfully, it was a lot smaller then and a better sight to see than it would be now. So, getting back to how the tradition was born. My son was all of 3 or 4 walking backward into the then MGM Studios waving to DH saying "Come on Dad". Well, of course what happens when a little guy walks backward? Yup, he stumbled and did a sort of a skip/hop but no plop as he managed not to fall. A tradition was born! Every time we enter Disney's Hollywood Studios we walk backward pretending to fall. Laughing all the way:)
Even that tradition has evolved to birthday backward walking into Epcot's Future World. On my 60th (yes, I'm that old) birthday I walked backward 60 steps into the Future. I hope to one day walk so far as to reach SE. That's old!!! Peter laughed so hard he could hardly hold the camera still:) 
Peter started a tradition on one of our cruises and it's continued with our park trips. We call it "Hat Night". The last night of the trip we decorate our hats with pins, glow sticks and whatever else moves us. Making them up always erupts in laughter and silly pics!! 

And no, I am not posting pics. It's bad enough I told you about them.
We have another tradition...
Whatever happens in Disney stays in Disney !!!!!!

Well, that's it for today. Do you have any traditions that are unconventional that you'd like to share? Go ahead post it here.....

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