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Disney Décor In and Out

The fun topic of the day is Disney Décor.
I’ve grown fond of reading the blogs on the Babes in Disneyland hop and have met many interesting bloggers over the last few weeks. I usually have something to contribute on each topic. Disney décor is no exception. I love to shop, decorate and surround myself with an eclectic collection of Disney treasures I've picked up on trips. Just about every room in my home has a touch of Disney somewhere. I'll try and be brief sharing with you a little bit of my Disney décor.
Before we look inside let's first take a look outside in the garden.

The Disneyland rose is one of my favorite rose bushes. I have a lot of rose bushes from David Austin to Heirloom but when this was introduced in 2003 it quickly became a new favorite of mine. I used it in my banner at the top of the page I liked it so much.
It’s a floribunda with 3 ½” bright pink to an orange center flowers that are large and showy in clusters with glossy leaves. It has excellent vigor and flower production and is disease resistant.

How cool was this a Hidden Mickey on a Disneyland Rose bush!

Back in the house I have a throw on a chair in my den that came from a shopping spree in Epcot last Christmas. The blanket was a nominal amount if you spent over I think it was $100 (not sure) I do know it came in handy on the freezing plane ride and now on cold winter nights watching TV.
This is a painting I commissioned in 1989 of the then three of us (pre Peter) and Piper. DH hates it, I don't like it but after all these years I've gotten used to it. Besides, we only see it on the rare occasion we eat in the dining room. So what makes this painting Disney? Well I asked the painter to put a hidden mickey in it. He thought I was a bit touched and maybe he's right. I thought it would be fun and memorable since we'd just come back from a great trip to WDW. It’s in the trees. Not easily spotted by guests. Also just for fun the road spells Oz. My favorite movie.

On the piano, I have quite a few framed pictures that I change around all the time. One that stays is a cut-out silhouette picture from Walt Disney World.

My niece and her new husband have a spot on my piano as well. We had given her our Disney Vacation Club points to use for her honeymoon. They enjoyed a week at The Boardwalk Villas.

Here are two pieces that were a gift from DH. They’re two numbered framed actual film clips from the movies, Lady and The Tramp and Song of the South. Normally they’re hanging but to get the picture of them I brought them down.

Our collections include many vintage Disney books. We enjoy reading well, most of us do. DH does a lot of reading at work so he doesn't read as much anymore. He took out some old sheet music last night and played.

In the kitchen, I have Disney cookbooks, dishes, oven mitts and Chef Mickey accessories.Then there are the mugs. We have mugs enough for every day in the month and that's not counting the refillable mugs!

Well, that's it for today. I tried to make it brief but when you're as big a fan as I am it's tough to pick just a few.
Do you have Disney in your decor?
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