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Almost Wordless Wednesday ~ Water Lily

Welcome to our happy hop! 
I'm very glad you could join us today for the Disney Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop, where each week bloggers gather together and link up their Disney related Wordless or Almost Wordless Wednesday posts.  
I hope you'll enjoy your visit, make new Disney friends, commune with old friends, see some great pictures along with me, Debs Dis at Focused on the Magic

Each week there is a theme for the hop. Don't worry, you don't have to follow the theme as long as it's a Disney related picture, your post is welcome to link up.
This week's theme is Your May Calendar Shot. You are probably wondering what exactly does she mean by that? If you were to make a 2012 calendar, which one of your Disney pictures would you use for the month of May?
If you'd like to actually make a calendar page, I found these free links. Here and here where you can create and print your own free photo calendars.
Well, it's time for my May Calendar Shot! 
It's always tough to pick just one photo for a whole month. I wanted to be a little bit more creative with my picture this month. I kept thinking of the saying "April showers bring May flowers"... probably because it's been raining for days:P 
This water lily was still wet from the spring rain at The China Pavilion's water feature in Epcot. 

Time to link up...
  • You don't have to post along with the theme, but it does have to be Disney related.
  • Sorry, no linkies.
  • All DWW Blog Hop announcements are made on Facebook, Twitter and in my weekly update. Be sure to follow Focused on the Magic for the latest DWW news!
  • Questions? We have a whole page dedicated to answering all your questions: The Disney Wordless Wednesday 411 page.
Please leave a comment below after you link up and tell me what you think of the theme, my picture and whatever else is on your mind this week! I love to hear from you!

Focused On The Magic


Have a Disney Day!  
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  1. Beautiful photo - the water droplets on the flower and the leaves make for an amazing shot!  I was thinking "April showers, May flowers" too but I didn't have any photos of flowers at Disney so I had to go with flowery clothes instead. :)

  2. Thank you Lisa! It was such a lucky shot while dodging the rain in Epcot. I'm going to head right over and check out your flowery clothes!

  3. MouseFanDiane6:26 PM

    Deb it's beautiful .. It definitely has me thinking of what to choose there is so much beauty at WDW

  4. Parkhopper John8:38 PM

    Great photo Deb!! It's very Spring and VERY relaxing!!

  5. This is so pretty and definitely postcard worthy. Love the droplets on the petals. I was totally off the flower mark for this month's shot :-)

  6. Disneykatrina10:43 PM

    Absolutely beautiful - what is it about water droplets that just makes for an amazing photo?!  

  7. Alyssa11:58 PM

    Amazing shot! Absolutely picture perfect! :) Thanks for hosting!

  8. Pretty! thanks for hosting as always!

  9. Incredible shot! Great framing job with the picture as well. I could handle looking at that for 31 days out of the year.

  10. Thanks John! Your WW link isn't working. I'll try and fix it.

  11. Stunning, Deb! Just beautiful!

  12. KathyRN13712:26 PM

    The entire China pavilion is so pretty! Thanks for a perfect picture!

  13. So pretty! It really does make you think of the famous saying! :)

  14. Wow, gorgeous photo this week, Deb! Love the colors :)

  15. Looks refreshing and spring! Happy WW, Deb. Thanks for having us again!!

  16. Your photo is so perfect! I showed it to my son and he thought it was a cartoon. I missed last week, but am glad to be back. Happy #WW!

  17. I think I can smell your picture. :)  So vivid!

  18. That is one gorgeous lily shot. Very nice! Happy Wordless Wednesday!

  19. I thought I left a comment last night but it's not showing.  In any case, love this picture (the framing, colors, droplets, etc.) and it really is postcard worthy. 



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