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Disney Wordless Wednesday Thanks + Giving

Hi there Disney photography fans. Welcome to The Disney Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop here at Focused on the Magic where each week we get together to share our #DisneySide vacation photos.

So, come along and join the fun and share your favorite Disney pictures. 

Our theme this week is Thanks + Giving.

This meme is loosely based on a word game we play on Thanksgiving. Someone picks a word that's related to Thanksgiving. Going around the table each person says what they are thankful for using the letters in the word chosen.
Here's my Disney spin on the game in pictures.


T - Tinkerbell

H - Hooray for Hollywood with Honey Darling

A - Liberty Tavern Apple Pie

N - Nighttime Magic

K - Lion King

S - Soon Santa is coming to town.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Time to link up your Wordless Wednesday ...

The great success of this hop is because you spread the pixie dust with your efforts each week in your fabulous posts! Thank you!
Disney Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop Focused On The Magic



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