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DuckTales Theme Song with Real Ducks! and the Disney Blogs is talking about all things ¹90s.

 We¹re throwing back to when you wore out your cassette tapes listening to ³Hakuna Matata², or crimped your hair to look like Topanga from 'Boy Meets World.' The Disney Blogs are bringing back the Œ90s with:

· DuckTales with Real Ducks [VIDEO]: The Oh My Disney team recreated a live-action version of the original DuckTales theme song video featuring real live ducklings. Needless to say, it¹s adorable and pretty hilarious.

· Which Disney Afternoon TV Show are You? [QUIZ]: From Darkwing Duck to Chip Œn Dale Rescue Rangers, find out which Œ90s TV show you¹d be cast in.

· Disney Characters Reimagined for the Œ90s: Check out original artwork of what some of your favorite Disney characters would look like if they lived in the ¹90s.

On we¹ve also built a special portal that looks straight out of the Œ90s to showcase our throwback content (and give guests major nostalgia). Check it out here:

The Diamond Horseshoe Jamboree in Walt Disney World
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