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Disneynature Bears Movie Review + Activity Sheets [DVD/Blu-ray]

Bears is now available on Blu-ray Combo Pack, DVD, Digital, HD, Disney Movies Anywhere (DMA), and On-Demand!
I am a huge fan of Disneynature films and when I got a chance to review the new True Life Adventure movie Bears, I was beyond delighted. The film follows the life of a mother bear, Sky, and her two cubs, Scout and Amber for the cub's first year as they fight for survival in the vast wilderness of Alaska.
Interested in learning about bears? Want printable activity sheets and coloring pages to continue the fun? Be sure to download the FREE 12 pages of Bears activity sheets at the end of this post.

Disneynature Bears Movie Review + Activity Sheets [DVD/Blu-ray]

Bears had me hooked from the first scene.
The Alaska National Park where Bears was filmed is absolutely breathtaking. The photography is so beautifully done that you feel like you are transported to the Alaskan wilderness. I can't even begin to imagine the challenges the photographers faced while filming. Be sure to watch till the credits at the end to get a glimpse of the plane they used in filming and some of their camera set ups. Shooting wolves, bear up close and personal - awe inspiring. Shooting salmon running up stream while standing in frigid water - wow!

Disneynature Bears Movie

I enjoyed listening to John C. Reilly (voice of Ralph in Wreck-It Ralph) narrating the movie. His style is filled with humor and is very entertaining, not your typical stiff documentary narrative. At first I became unfocused with his pronunciation of Chinook but soon got over it. I learned a lot not only about bears and their struggle but about the life cycle of salmon as well which the bears main source of protein.

Disneynature Bears Movie Review + Activity Sheets [DVD/Blu-ray]

There was so much to like about the movie. I think my favorite scene is when Scout gets his claw caught in a clam shell and he can't shake it loose. He splashes and struggles and well, it's just too cute.

Disneynature Bears Movie Review + Activity Sheets [DVD/Blu-ray]

Is it for the kids? I would say yes. It's approximately 78 minutes long which is great for fidgety kids. Some scenes show bears fighting but there is no blood or dying. No animals mating or any discussion of it are in the film. All the life challenges that arise are dealt with in a family-friendly way.

Disneynature Bears Movie Review + Activity Sheets [DVD/Blu-ray]

This is a movie that will stand the test of time. It's entertaining and educational. A perfect addition it to your movie library.

Bears Home Release Bonus Features:
Bonus features on the Blu-ray, Digital HD, and DMA (Digital bonus offerings will vary per retailer)

  • Welcome To Alaska – Journey with the filmmakers into the Alaskan wilds to film Sky and her cubs.
  • The Future For The Bears – Experience the thrill of living with the bears during production, and the importance of protecting the wilderness to ensure their survival . . . and our own.
  • A Guide To Living With Bears – Learn how the team interacts safely with these magnificent creatures.
  • How Did They Film That? – Get an inside look on some of the extreme filmmaking that went into getting shots high in the mountains and under frigid cold water.
  • “Carry On” Music Video By Olivia Holt

Bonus feature on the DVD includes:

  • “Carry On” Music Video By Olivia Holt

Disneynature's Bears - Protecting Wildlife & Wild Places 

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