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Must Do's at Epcot's Food & Wine Festival

It's almost time! The ever popular Epcot International Food and Wine Festival in Walt Disney World is about to start. I've planned my itinerary, packed my bags and we are ready to go. We'll be there for the first-week tasting our way around the World Showcase. I can't wait to share our experiences here and on Facebook. So, what am I looking forward to? Here are a few of things on my must do list...

Tasting our way around the World Showcase while experiencing as many new and different foods as we can. Fortunately my DS, Peter enjoys trying new foods too. We'll be using our snack credits and sharing the tapas sized portions. I am looking forward to checking out the new Terra Vegan Marketplace and the Chili Colorado with House Made Chips. 
Check out this year's International Booths and Marketplaces:
  • 1. Argentina
  • 2. Australia
  • 3. Belgium
  • 4. Brewer's Collection
  • 5. Canada
  • 6. Caribbean
  • 7. Cheese
  • 8. China
  • 9. Craft Beer
  • 10. Desserts & Champagne
  • 11. Fife & Drum
  • 12. Florida Local – NEW!
  • 13. France
  • 14. Germany
  • 15. Greece
  • 16. Hawaii
  • 17. Hops & Barley
  • 18. Ireland
  • 19. Italy
  • 20. Japan
  • 21. Mexico
  • 22. Morocco
  • 23. New Zealand
  • 24. Poland
  • 25. Scandinavia
  • 26. Singapore
  • 27. South Africa
  • 28. South Korea
  • 29. Terra – NEW!

►The "Taste Your Way Around The World" theme should make for a really neat display in front of Spaceship Earth. I wasn't too thrilled with past displays but I am looking forward to photographing this one.
The new logo can be seen on the new gift cards (free with $5 minimum added) that you can wear as a wristlet or carry like a credit card. It makes purchasing while balancing plates and glasses so much easier. With a flick of your wristlet they can scan the code in. I haven't gotten one before because on our previous trips we either used snack credits or charged it to the room. On our last trip we had the Deluxe Disney Dining Plan (DDDP) and with it came snack credits galore. Peter and I decided this trip we would get the Quick Serve Disney Dining Plan (QSDP) for the first half of our trip. The QSDP offers one snack credit per person per day. I'm sure we'll burn through those very quickly;)
►Shopping, one of my favorite pastimes in Disney and tops on my list this trip will be checking out all the festival merchandise and country specific merchandise. My first stop will be The Festival Center which has everything from bottles of wine to kitchen gadgets. I always find the neatest things there. My favorites last time were a F&W insulated tote bag that can double as a camera bag and a corkscrew that came in handy back at the resort with a bottle of wine we picked up that day. Oh, and the cookbooks! I can't wait see the festival cookbook!

Eat to the Beat Concert SeriesWhat could be better than listening to good music while munching on tasty treats? Speaking of treats check out this video from Disney Parks, it is too cute!

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