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Hooray for The Citizens of Disney's Hollywood Studios!

In honor of the 2nd Annual International Disney Hollywood Studios Week hosted by Matt Hochenberg of Studios Central and WDW Today I thought I'd share my tribute to the incredibly talented Citizens of Hollywood Studios.

Officer First Class William Club to the rescue of
Honey Darling, the darling of Hollywood

We visit Disney's Hollywood Studios (DHS) regularly as a family, always heading for the rides, shows and parades. They're fun and exciting but some of the best entertainment can be found on the streets of DHS. It's called "Streetmosphere". The term is a combination of “street” and “atmosphere”  that originated in the Disney parks but is now used generically worldwide. In DHS they are called "The Citizens of Hollywood". 

Aspiring actor ~ Francis Floot
All are very talented improvisational actors and musicians performing hilarious skits and meet and greets daily on Hollywood and Sunset Boulevards. Not only are they entertaining they enjoy including guests in their skits.   

Aspiring actors Ready Freddy Fiddlesticks & Francis Floot assist director Vladimir Pooey

The Divine Dorma Nesmond holding one of her many awards for
Best actress 1933 “From Nowhere to Enternity”
Don't hesitate to engage The Divine Dorma Nesmond in conversation.She's hilarious and loves to pose for pics and sign autographs.   
Director ~ Otto Von Bonn Bahn
"filming" on a very hot day.

Actress Minerva Limpwhistle being driven by her camera shy talent agent, LeRoy Small. 
The Citizens of Hollywood can be spotted buzzing around in this little red car on the boulevards.

Minerva Limpwhistle with Malcom Macheezmo clutching the super star!


Starlet ~ Cynthia Bloom striking a glam pose for the camera


Aspiring actor Ready Freddy Fiddlesticks

Starlet ~ Joodie Patootie


Aspiring actor Ready Freddy Fiddlesticks driving Miss Joodie Patootie

Honey Darling being serenaded by Buckey Greenhorn

More Honey Darling, the darling of Hollywood
 I understand Honey darling is no longer with The Citizens of Hollywood. We wish her well in her new adventures. Darling, will be sorely missed.

I hope you enjoyed my little tribute to The Citizens of Hollywood. I'll be posting more tomorrow as we continue to celebrate the 2nd Annual International Disney Hollywood Studios Week. Be sure to stop by Studios Central for interesting articles, up to the minute tips and information. 

Do you have a favorite Streetmosphere skit or actor?

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