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Free Fun Birthday Perks at the Disney Parks

Free Disney Parks Happy Birthday Button

Celebrating a birthday while on vacation in The Disney Parks is always a special event and Disney has provided fun free perks to make it even more memorable.
5 Birthday Freebies.
It all starts when you book your resort hotel reservations. Inform your Travel Agent, Disney Member Services or make a notation in your reservation online requests that someone in your traveling party is celebrating a birthday. Provide them with their name and age. Once that’s done the information is in your file and on your reservation for all Cast Members to see and hopefully act on. 
1. Upon checking in to your resort mention to the Cast Member that there is someone celebrating a birthday in your group. They should already be aware of this as you list your birth dates on your reservation. It’s always good to *remind* them just in case the information somehow isn’t there. Sometimes they will have prepared a little something special. We’ve had a surprise balloon delivery, a towel decoration adorned with pins and a bottle of champagne delivered once on a cruise. I’ve heard of autographed character pictures too. There are no guarantees, it’s Disney magic when and if it happens!
Francis Floot Streetmosphere Performer Disney Hollywood Studios2. All Guests (including those staying off-property) visiting the Disney Parks are welcome to enjoy this next perk. Visit the Guest Services in any of the 4 parks to obtain a “Happy Birthday” button similar to the one pictured above. The birthday persons name will be hand printed on the button by a Guest Services Cast Member. In the Magic Kingdom you would visit “Town Hall” on Main Street next to the Fire Dept. Wearing a birthday button always attracts special attention from the Cast Members. Sometimes a smile and a “Happy Birthday”, a part in a parade or show, even a FastPass.
Free Birthday Perks at the Disney Parks

3. Wherever you are dining in the Parks you should tell the Cast Member at the podium when you check-in for your dining reservation. They will make note of it and may already have it in your ADR. Ideally this information is then passed on to your server but it doesn’t always work out that way. Mention it to your server after you are seated. Most table service restaurants have special birthday desserts that are often accompanied by a song. Via Napoli Cast Members sang the “Happy Birthday” song to me in Italian along with a special dessert with a candle, Le Cellier and The Grand Floridian have special birthday plates of chocolate, Liberty Tree Tavern has a birthday table decorated in glitter. Counter Service Restaurants often give the birthday person a cupcake, cookie or brownie and sometimes they’ll stop everything to sing a song. Pizzafari is great for that!
Free Birthday Perks at the Disney Parks4. While in the Parks be sure to tell the PhotoPass Photographers that there’s a birthday boy or girl in your group. They may ask them to strike a special pose. The final picture might include some unexpected Disney birthday magic.
5. If you are staying on property ask the front desk or concierge desk about a special birthday phone call from one of the characters. If they can manage it you may have a fun surprise waiting for you on your room phone!
Although the next few perks aren’t free, they are inexpensive and will add to the birthday magic without busting your budget.
When the characters sign your child’s autograph book make sure they know it’s your child’s birthday and mention their name, the character might surprise them with a birthday greeting.
When my boys were young I would bring a large birthday card from home with my son’s name on it for the characters to sign. It makes for a cute addition to a birthday page in the scrapbook. You could have them sign a birthday, anniversary, graduation, get well or special occasion card to give at a later date.
Bring some birthday streamers, balloons and party supplies from home. Decorations can be lightly taped up without damaging anything and it’s a fun surprise to have a birthday resort room. Mousekeeping sometimes joins in on the celebration too;)
Do you have any free birthday perks you’d like to share?


  1. I love all your ideas Deb. We are actually going to be celebrating a big birthday this Saturday - DH. And we were wondering if each park gave the Birthday Button, after reading your tips I know they do. Thanks and I love all your birthday tips.

  2. Birthdays at Disney were INCREDIBLE before all of this started being spread online. I remember some pretty amazing things from years ago. They're still fun, but I hope any reading this will keep in mind that absolutely NOTHING is likely to happen, too. Disney provides lots of options for you to pay/plan your own celebrations, so don't count on freebies and special attention.

  3. also if you go to the hat store on main street at MK they'll embroider your name on your ear hat for free on your birthday :) a cast member at splash mountain told me that and my figment ears are even more cute!

  4. Yay! Wishing DH a very Happy Birthday!!

  5. Miss Reality--you really think this less is happening because of the word getting out on-line?? Within the past 5 years you could get in free on your birthday...and that was well after Al Gore invented the information superhighway!

  6. Thanks for all this info Deb! S Would love to take my 8 yo stepson to DWfor his first visit and to celebrate his BD. Before my son passed away he made sure my daughter and I got to celebrate BDs at DW. It was so special. Having been in CP in 04 he knew some perks. I was thrilled with just the button and cast members saying HBD. We preordered and paid for special cake for my daughter. It was presented after her dinner at the Wilderness campground restaurant. Sorry, cannot remember name. Wonderful times for us

  7. That was a promo - totally different! And yes, it is happening less. Guests have started to EXPECT special treatment, and that's when things began to be scaled down. I suppose you could blame that celebration promo, too. Guests on regular vacation suddenly saw an avenue to make up a celebration when they otherwise wouldn't have. Remember the "TODAY is my birthday" buttons of the past? It was longer than five years ago. ;) Suddenly, celebrating your birthday three months late/early was the norm. That's nuts! Articles like this just promote the idea that Disney will make the celebration for you. It's really better to plan your own party because they really offer sooo many ways to create an amazing birthday. It would be fun if the blogs would look into that and show was you can PAY for, instead of just searching out freebies for the entitled masses.



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