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Flashback Friday ~ Kilimanjaro Safari

It's time for Photo Flashback Friday here at Focused on the Magic! 

Time to once again dust off our Walt Disney World photo albums and take another look at some of our favorite photos from vacations past.

If you are new to the Flashback Friday Hop, Welcome! I hope you enjoy your visit. For those returning, Welcome Back! If you are new here and would like to join in on the fun, you'll find out how to at the end of this post. I would love to have you share your flashback photos with us. 

This week we're taking a trip back again to Animal Kingdom to ride the safari in the rain. You may have seen these pictures in previous posts but it's a flash back and that's what we'll do. 
These pictures were taken on a summer trip I took with Peter. I was reminded of the trip this week when once again Peter injured his patella, during this trip he injured his knee for the first time. He was in a wheelchair for the whole trip. 

Throughout the week we had heavy downpours, not uncommon in Florida in the summer. They usually start late in the afternoon and clear out quickly. 

The rain and pain didn't dampen his spirits though. We sloshed on. Usually if we're in the parks we just head for an indoor attraction to wait it out but on this day we were in Animal Kingdom close to the safari so we decided to give it a try in the rain. I know animals love the rain and I thought maybe we'd get to see some unusual activity.
Nothing unusual there. Rhinos never seem to stop eating,even in the rain.
This bird looked like he couldn't wait for the rain to stop, not much fun for him. Looking back the safari trucks were empty or had only a few people in them. We were the only two people in ours. If you don't like waiting, this is the best time to ride the safari!

The best part of the safari was when our driver stopped the truck to watch the elephants enjoying the afternoon shower. It was so exciting to see them rollicking in the rain and rolling in the mud. 

Have a Magical Day!

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