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Most Magical Disney Moment

Magical Moments
Today we're sharing one of my most magical experience at a Disney park. When I first read this topic, a flood of magical moments came to mind. I post often about our magical moments in the parks as we seem to experience quite a few. 
I wondered how I could pick just one for this week's topic. So, I went directly to my DH and magic moments partner for a consult. He reminded me of the time we rode Journey into Imagination on it's last night before it closed. We were in one of the last cars of the ride on the very last night. CM's applauded as we pulled into the loading dock. What a magical moment it was..but not the most magical.

Or it could be the night we rode Buzz Lightyear in soft opening on the first E-night...No, that was fun but not the most magical.

Or, Peter's very first pin trade in 2000 at The Boardwalk with the kindest greeter. He just let his disabilities go and stepped up all by himself. That was a magical moment but not the most magical in a park.

Or, the night we were headed to Epcot for Illuminations. Rushing from the Contemporary platform I asked the operator if we'd make it to Epcot in time to see Illuminations. The CM just shrugged. He showed us to the second or third car, all by ourselves. The monorail ride was quiet and seemed slower than usual. Just as we passed in front of Space Ship Earth the monorail glided to a stop. I immediately thought it was broken and that we'd be stuck there for awhile, high up in the air with the World Showcase on one side and Space Ship Earth on the other. I remember saying to DH, we are going to miss the whole thing because something is wrong with the monorail. 
Just then the fireworks started. All of us sat there in shock and awe as we watched Illuminations perched high above the World Showcase.
 I don't have pictures from that night as the battery died in my camera. The memory is still fresh in my mind...Yup, that was the most magical moment for me in a Disney park. Surrounded by my family enjoying Illuminations.

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Have a Disney Day!
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